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The giant Alibaba has demonstrated at CES 2019 an application to translate video calls in real time. The transcribed words appear in subtitles on the interface.

Alibaba is one of the largest companies in China and it is no surprise that it is present at CES 2019. We went for a walk on the group's booth at the Las Vegas show. On site, the firm was demonstrating a videoconferencing application with an instant translation that appears in subtitles.
The technology seems pretty mature since I have spotted almost no misunderstanding when I was speaking. My interlocutor spoke Chinese, while I spoke English. At the moment, there are no other languages ​​supported.

Deployment in 3 months
Deployment of this feature should take place in about 3 months on Alibaba's e-commerce platform. The main objective is to put in touch professionals who do not speak the same language. For example, one can imagine that a company manager wants to communicate with his supplier located on the other side of the planet.
For individuals, the uses are probably more limited. However, in case of problems, a user on an online sales site may need to contact the company responsible for sending the package.
Translation solutions are numerous. We obviously think of Google, which has deployed its real-time translation feature – previously reserved for Pixel Buds – on all smartphones with Google Assistant.
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