TikTok heavily punished for failing to respect the right to privacy of American children

The social network TikTok has been heavily pinned by a US government agency. He is accused of violating laws protecting the privacy of children. Beyond the fine imposed, the application must clean among its users.

A true phenomenon of society among the youngest, the TikTok application is currently entering a more turbulent phase. Indeed, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires TikTok to comply with laws protecting the privacy of children. This commission accuses the application of illegally collecting data from children under 13 without parental consent.
While the minimum age to register is 13, it is extremely easy to get around this limitation by lying about your age. As on many social networks, no verification of identity documents is required to validate the registration. According to the FTC, TikTok knew that a number of users were under the age of 13, without effectively acting against these young profiles.
A registration refused, but bypassed by changing its date of birth
Heavy consequences for TikTok
Pinned by the FTC, TikTok must now suffer the consequences, starting with a heavy fine of $ 5.7 million. Most importantly, TikTok now has to prove its good will and go hunting for young children under 13 years old. The purge seems to have started, since users who have entered non-compliant birth information have their account deleted. All content published by children under 13 without parental consent must also be deleted.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please provide confirmation that you are age 13 or older by submitting a copy of a government ID on the "Report to Problem" section on the app.
– TikTok (@tiktok_us) February 27, 2019

However, TikTok does not intend to draw a line on this age group. In the United States, the application will offer an experience suitable for children under 13 years. These "young" accounts will not be able to share video, comment or communicate with other users, but only view content previously selected and adapted to their age.
TikTok in turmoil
TikTok has a very young community, with many minors. And many media and specialists have pointed to many drifts related to these short playback videos. This application would have become a favorite hunting ground for sexual predators. Because in the race for likes, TikTok reveals a hypersexualization of some children, dancing in an explicit way or appearing little dressed in the eyes of all.
In Europe, the service is prohibited to minors under 13, but to circumvent this age limit is a breeze.
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