To counter the ban on the sale of the iPhone, Apple will … deploy an update of iOS

Recently, Apple was banned from selling iPhone released before the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR in China. To counter this, the manufacturer provides … a simple software update.

Apple and Qualcomm have been fighting each other for many years, even though they both rely on each other on the market. The last provides after all the modems of the first, without which the first would not be as efficient. You follow ?
The fact is that Qualcomm recently managed to ban the sale of all iPhone released before the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR in China. The reason ? The violation of two patents relating to the iOS user interface.
Apple will counter the ban with a simple update
Apple has already pointed out that these patents were no longer violated since the update iOS 12. This being said, all users have not updated their devices and the excuse is not passed to the Chinese authorities .
The brand, however, told Reuters they found a solution in the form of a simple software update. Once deployed, Apple hopes that it will convince the Chinese authorities to reconsider their decision.
What update?
But what form will this update take? Nothing is less sure. If the problem has been solved with iOS 12, then Apple only has to find a way to force users to install it … which is not easy.
And if the update just touch the parties involved in this patent war, it will be enough to convince the Chinese government for which the argument iOS 12 did not take? Can not know what are the plans of the company for the time being. We will therefore simply observe what will be his next action.

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