To develop smartphones with four cameras, Sony is allied with the start-up Light

In order to offer solutions with several photo sensors for smartphone manufacturers, Sony has taken over the services of the start-up Light to design solutions with four cameras or more.
The Light L9
While more and more manufacturers are multiplying the number of cameras on the back of their smartphones, none has gone as far as the start-up Light, with its smartphone L9. As the name suggests, the camera has nine lenses. It must be said that the start-up relied on its previous compact camera, the L16, which was then equipped with 16 different sensors.
It is on this experience of Light on photo modules to many sensors that Sony wants to rely on to design smartphone cameras with several objectives as indicated by Light in a press release published on Thursday. "These new reference designs will combine Light's multi-camera technology with Sony's image sensors to create applications and multi-camera solutions with the arrival of smartphones with four or more lenses," says Press release.
Sony sensors, very popular among smartphone manufacturers
Sony is one of the leading suppliers of photo sensors in the smartphone market. One of the most recent sensors of the Japanese company, the Sony IMX586, has been used recently on the Honor View 20, but also on the Xiaomi Mi 9.
We still do not know where this partnership between Sony and Light will actually take place, but it could allow Sony to develop multiple sensors in the future and market them to third-party manufacturers to integrate into their smartphones. For now, few smartphones are equipped with four cameras on the back or more. Only the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 offers this type of configuration, but Huawei could soon launch its P30 Pro with four sensors on the back.
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