To eat well, here are the best Android apps to download

If you want to eat better – or just eat well – it's always handy to have the right apps downloaded to your smartphone. Here is why we offer this small selection.

Eating better, eating well: these are beautiful resolutions, but they are not so easy to handle. Fortunately, there are applications that allow you to eat healthier. Some teach you how to cook and discover new recipes, others help you better choose what to eat just by scanning the product barcode or offering a better knowledge of food.
These are the ones that will interest us in our guide to the best Android apps to eat better and avoid excess sweets!
Yuka, the reference
Yuka is the must-have app for knowing what's in this or that product you're about to buy at the supermarket. Before cracking for this enticing pack of cake, Yuka will tell you the level of calories, saturated fat or sugar it represents. All this is accompanied by a small evaluation and a score out of 100. Eating is above all well informed.
The application has a very large database to help you eat better. Yuka also offers an option where you can view a small overview of what you have consumed and analyze how healthy your diet has been … or not.
                        You have always had doubts about certain industrial products and you finally want to know what it really is? Yuka lets you …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        A database of 600,000 products
                                                                Discover what lies behind foods and cosmetics
                                                                Track your consumption and discover new products
Yuka is one of the favorite applications within FrAndroid's editorial staff. We gave her a paper to explain in more detail how she helped to eat well.

BuyOrNot, community and activist
On paper, BuyOrNot offers the same thing as Yuka. However, in addition to nutritional information about the product you want to consume (ingredients, additives …), the application will also tell you what is the environmental impact of this food.
There is also a strong community dimension and users of the platform are encouraged to share their feedback, because eating well is also responsible eating. For the most committed, boycotts campaigns against a large agribusiness group can be initiated on BuyOrNot. The non-profit association, I-buycott, launched this free service.
                        Eating well is a noble goal. Eating being responsible is just as important. This is the philosophy that drives the application BuyOrNot created …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        More than 600,000 cataloged products
                                                                Eat more healthily
                                                                Consume more responsibly
Seasonal fruits and vegetables, for more taste
In the age of retail networks, we may tend to forget that fruits and vegetables are always better when they are bought at the right time of the year. However, eating these foods in the right season has many benefits, as recalled by the so-called Fruits and Vegetables Seasonal application: "fruits and vegetables have more taste, meet the right moment to our nutritional needs, are richer in antioxidants , are less treated and especially cheaper. In short, it allows you to eat well.
As the name suggests, seasonal fruits and vegetables will give you the best time to buy strawberries, clementines, carrots or beets. But that's not all ! The application also provides some general information about each food, as well as the recommended time and method of preservation, the nutritional information and benefits of each fruit or vegetable, and some suggestions for preparation.
                        A simple name for a service that is just as good. Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables is an application that lets you know what is the …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Eat fruits and vegetables with more flavor
                                                                Full info on food
                                                                Conservation and preparation tips


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