Try the new dog filters on Snapchat

After deploying filters (or Lenses in English) for cats, Snapchat passes to the dogs.

Here are the new filters (or Lenses in English) for dogs on Snapchat, they are finally here. It was already available for cats since October 2018, filters created especially for dog heads have arrived on Snapchat, which means that you will be able to take photos or videos of your pet and turn his face into something crazy.

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There is currently only a handful of filters available for doggies, which can be seen in the promotional video above. Other filters are currently under development, which means that there will be new ways to have fun with your pet (for its social influence).
                        We do not really present Snapchat, the application that launched the fashion of ephemeral photos, to exchange with friends, and stories ….
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Share ephemeral photos live and chat live
                                                                Explore the stories of creators and major media
                                                                Find out what your friends are doing on the heat map

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