Twitter: A four-year-old rift has put some private accounts in public

This Thursday, Twitter confirmed that a flaw existed on private profiles, allowing everyone to view the contents when the user changed some settings on a profile. After more than four years of existence, the bug seems now corrected.

On Twitter, if the profiles are public by default, making the tweets visible to everyone, it is still possible to go private by selecting the "protect your tweets" option. This setting only allows people you have selected to view your profile. At least in theory.
This Thursday, Twitter has indeed announced that a major flaw had affected users of its Android application. On his blog, the social network warns that for more than four years, a technical concern could cancel the option "protect your tweets" if a user of the Twitter application on Android changed some parameters of their profile, as the email address linked to their account.
A flaw that only affected Android users
Finally corrected last Monday, this flaw only affected users of Twitter on Android, not the owners of iPhone or a change of profile setting on the web version of the social network. Once the tweet protection setting was turned off, it was necessary for users to check the box again to replay their account privately.

We've become aware of and fixed an issue where the "Protect your Tweets" was set on Twitter for Android. Those affected have been alerted and we've turned the setting back on for them. More here:
– Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) January 17, 2019

Twitter does not indicate how many accounts were posted between November 3, 2014 and January 14. The private account setting can be particularly interesting for creating a second account, in order to share certain content or information only to close friends. Shared content can be much more personal or intimate than on the public account.
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