Ujet: this foldable and connected electric scooter fits in a car trunk

Luxemburgish company Ujet has shown imagination and innovation: its electric scooter is connected, foldable and has a removable battery with wheels easily transportable.

In full boiling, the electric scooter sector is of particular interest to start-ups and major manufacturers. So much so that everyone tries to stand out in his own way, by proposing ever more original concepts than others. These include the Pocket Rocket, the NUUK, the U-Mini or the E-Qooder. In short, it is not the models that are missing.
To this non-exhaustive list is added a little new with significant potential: the Ujet, the Luxembourg company of the same name, whose operation makes it clearly stand out. It's simple: this equivalent of a 50cc is electric, connected and foldable. It would also be in a car trunk (once folded), according to the press release sent to the editor, depending, obviously, on its size.
Up to 150 kilometers of autonomy
The Ujet is also appealing by its original and minimalist design, marked by a front cover that is almost non-existent since it is materialized by a thin bar connecting the handlebars and the wheel. The company's engineers have also incorporated a removable battery with wheels, so that it can be moved easily when recharging. The latter can also be done on any standard socket.

Now let's go into the technical details: this new folding scooter has an electric motor of 3 kW, giving it a clamped power of 45 km / h. Depending on the size of its battery, its autonomy and weight differ: between 35 and 75 kilometers for the small battery (3h recharge), for a total weight of 49 kilos, against 70 to 150 kilometers for the big (6h recharge) , for a total weight of 55 kilos.
Touch screen and internet connection
The firm spared no effort to make its product an object both connected and technological. The front of the model welcomes a camera capable of recording a video stream during a trip, while an on-board computer connected to a touch screen of seven inches benefit from 4G, a GPS, Bluetooth and even WiFi. The opportunity to view a real-time trip or launch a music playlist.

A dedicated application provides a whole range of information: battery level, mileage or customer support. The app even allows to unlock the scooter with its smartphone, and make it unusable if the antitheft protection sends an alert. Buttons on the handles of the handlebars give you access to all the features of the machine.
Configure the scooter to your image
In the manner of Tesla, the official site of the group gives you the opportunity to configure your product: colors (Shibuya Gold, Bel Air Blue, Concorde White, Soho Gray, Uptown Black, Piccadilly Blue) style (diamond or curved) through the battery and seat (low or high), all for a minimum of 8690 euros. The Ujet is available for purchase on the website of the French distributor Volt Corp.

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