UrbanBike-120: a folding mini electric bike, French and less than 400 euros

The French company Urban Glide, specializing in electric mobility, will add in February 2019 a new product to its catalog: a foldable and lightweight mini electric bike.

While Urban Glide's offer is intended to be globally complete, a mode of transportation for the least popular was lacking, however: the electric bike. Because this tricolor company has made electric mobility its spearhead, marketing over the years several models of gyropods and electric scooters, without introducing two-wheelers. A lack soon filled, as of February 2019 more precisely.
Easy to carry
The French firm will indeed market its very first electric bike, entitled for the occasion UrbanBike-120. The peculiarity of this model lies in its miniature format able to fold in two: in short, a bike easily accessible transportable, whether in the office or in a car trunk. To suit all the templates, the seat wants adjustable height, can read in the press release sent to the editorial office.

The UrbanBike-120 has modest performance, but largely sufficient for use in the city: its 6Ah battery (rechargeable in three hours) gives it a range of 22 km, while its 350W motor will easily propel you to 25 km / h. Small design requires, the two wheels measure twelve inches each, for a maximum user weight of 100 kilos. The weight of the bike, precisely, reaches a total of 14 kilos.
The trend of foldable and miniature electric bicycles
The model is also equipped with disc brakes, two headlights (front and rear) LED and a brake light, and this to ensure the best safety for the user. All for a suggested price of 399 euros. UrbanBike-120 joins the Gocycle GX and the UMi 250 in the foldable mini electric bike category.

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