UrbanRide-100, the clever French folding electric scooter with removable battery

The French company Urban Glide adds a new electrical product to its already well-developed catalog: an electric scooter, foldable and removable battery.

Barely a month after the official presentation of its foldable electric mini bike, the UrbanBike-120, launched in February 2019, the tricolor company Urban Glide, specialized in urban mobility electric (Segway, bicycles, scooters) , back cover with a brand new product presented in a press release sent to the editorial office. His name: UrbanRide-100.
Safety first
This new electric scooter has two major strengths: it is foldable, so easy to carry in transport or work, and has a removable battery that should facilitate the user recharge sessions. Also, the UrbanRide-100 is equipped with a screen that displays a range of information: speed, distance traveled or the remaining battery life.
The teams at the tricolor company also focused on safety. To do this, they favored disc brakes and 10-inch inflatable tires designed to improve the user's comfort "whatever the floor covering". "From a driving comfort point of view, these tires really make the difference. They are tubeless tires, composed of rubber and not rubber. And it adheres much better to the ground, "says the phone a member of the technical team of the group.
A modest autonomy
The customer "can also easily obtain, if necessary, from UrbanGlide additional tubes," reads the press release. Still weighing 13 kilograms, the UrbanRide-100 is equipped with a 350-watt electric motor and delivers a total range of 15 kilometers. Either a modest durability, but mitigated by the removable battery easily rechargeable.
The UrbanRide-100 will be available at the recommended retail price of 449 euros including VAT, from March 2019.
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