USB Type-C has a welcome, but dangerous certification system

While the use of USB Type-C is becoming widespread, the USB-IF consortium is launching a certification program. Behind the ambition to protect users, hides the danger of hardware DRM.

USB Type-C is a beautiful project. This connector is intended to replace all other jacks used on our devices: power, USB (conventional or micro USB), HDMI, etc. Since its launch, it has won fervent supporters, especially on smartphone. Unfortunately this adoption also brought its share of problems, in particular because of chargers and cable not respecting correctly the norm.
USB Type-C Authentication wants to certify accessories
To solve these problems, the USB-IF (which manages USB standards and technologies) unveiled the USB Type-C Authentication. Behind this name lies a method to certify USB chargers, cables and more generally devices that use USB Type-C.
Thanks to this new protocol, our smartphones and other devices will be able to check the conformity of accessories when they are connected. This reminds a bit what Apple did with the program MFI (Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad).
With this novelty, bad chargers and counterfeits should be undermined. Good news.
A dangerous solution
Unfortunately, USB-IF has decided to put the definition of control policy in the hands of manufacturers. In other words, manufacturers such as Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung or Apple will be able to define the criteria that accessories must meet to be deemed compatible by their devices. Each brand can therefore set up its own certification program "MFI way"
As you can see, this approach opens the way to proprietary USB Type-C cables and chargers, which would only be compatible with this or that smartphone brand. We could imagine that the next MacBook only accept Apple chargers.
Hopefully brands will understand that the interest of the USB Type-C resides above all in its universal character.
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