Vintage style, French quality: this electric bike makes no concessions, even on the price – FrAndroid

The French company Coleen presented a very elegant high-end electric bike. We really want to crack, but its price is high.

Coleen is a startup based in New Aquitaine. The latter was present at CES 2019 to present her electric bicycle with a very attractive design and 80% made in France.
What strikes first of all about this product is the format of its carbon frame inspired by the first bicycles – the old bicycles without pedals – dating from the 1800s. The inspiration is clearly oriented towards the past, but the embedded technologies by the product are not obsolete.
Seductive bike
Coleen's bike benefits from excellent finishes (saddle and handle in genuine leather, belt transmission, secure screws …) and is equipped with several sensors. These are used to start the bike automatically when it detects that the smartphone on which the associated application is installed is nearby (this feature is disabled). In the front, light sensors allow the lights to turn on as soon as it gets dark.

The handlebars, meanwhile, equipped with a screen to display the travel information (mileage gauge, battery level indicator, speed …), as would a dashboard. Navigation on this interface is via a wheel placed on the handlebars.
In this regard, two configurations are proposed: a classic and a sport with the handlebars lowered.

Coleen plans two versions of 25 and 45 km / h. The 42-cell battery can be removed for easy recharging, but you can also charge the electric bike by plugging it in – convenient if you have room in your garage. The promised autonomy is 100 kilometers on battery.
Price and availability
Pre-orders should be launched in the coming days on the Coleen site. Thereafter, the bike can be purchased only in physical stores at the partners of the brand. The selling price will turn around 5900 euros.
A cheaper version of the device (about 1000 euros less) is in the pipes for an outing later in the year with fewer options. Coleen also wants to offer the possibility to create customized bicycles where the user would decide every aspect of the product.

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