Waze on Android now lets you enjoy your Deezer playlists

For some time now, the Waze Navigation Service has been offering streaming music services. After Spotify, it's now Deezer's turn to get on the app to listen to music while you drive.

If it is already possible to listen to streaming music during a Waze browsing session thanks to a third-party application, since September 2017 the service has been able to integrate a music control window into Spotify. Initially reserved for iOS, this feature of Waze has been added to the Android version.
For Deezer, it's finally the same model Waze has taken, first offering iPhone users to listen to and control their Deezer playlists from its application, before bringing the feature to Android. It's done now. In a statement released on Monday, Deezer now explains that it is available on Waze for owners of Android smartphones, after an availability on the iPhone last December. A feature that will allow a simplified control of his music, directly from the Waze screen, without having to switch from one application to another while driving is driving.
Specifically, this feature allows you to view both the Waze card and the Deezer playback controls. Users will be able to control their playlists, radios or podcasts, but also move to the next title, reduce the playback window or add a title as a favorite.
This integration of Deezer to Waze on Android is available since this Monday for all users of both services. Note that Google Maps offers a similar option compatible with Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify. And this is not the only feature shared by both applications.
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