We've seen the HP Omen X Emperium, the $ 5,000 4K gaming monitor – FrAndroid

We saw the first BFGD (Big Format Gaming Display) screen. he is very tall and very impressive, but also very expensive.

Let's start with the impressive features: a 4K definition, a DCI-P3 colorimetric certification and HDR accounting. It is of course G-Sync compatible, a variable refresh mode for GeForce cards. The Omen X Emperium also integrates Android TV and Shield TV technologies. GeForce Now, GeForce Experience … these are the services we already find on Nvidia's Android TV. It is also equipped with a Nvidia Tegra X1, such as Shield TV.
HP claims that its monitor is capable of covering 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color space and that, to maintain vibrancy and contrast, the display has 484 locally dimmed backlighting areas. The Emperium is capable of reaching a brightness of 1000 nits, a particularly high figure for a monitor. Finally, it also comes with RBG lighting that can be controlled via the Omen Command Center software.
The display supports refresh rates up to 144 Hz and gray-to-gray response time of 4 ms. In terms of connectivity, the Omen X Emperium 65 comes with a DisplayPort 1.4 connector, three HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and two USB charging ports. It also supports HDCP. We also appreciate the LEDs that turn on automatically when you want to access the connector through proximity lighting, a feature that costs little, but that proves the care taken by HP on this screen.
The time spent with this screen is not enough to judge its performance, however we have some photos to share with you. There is obviously blooming, which is manifested by several greyish halos mostly visible on a black background. Obviously, it's almost mandatory with LED technology. By cons, there is no system (it shows) blooming compensation as on high-end TVs.
Obviously, the Omen X Emperium is a product for the most demanding and wealthy gamers. It will take the sum of $ 4,999 to get it … just that. What is reassuring is that the screen is very close to a final version, which was not the case last year. The size of the diet has been drastically reduced, thankfully.


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