What are the best connected devices compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri?

Whether it's Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri (Apple), they all promise to simplify the lives of users. However, they also all offer a significantly different experience. This is reflected mainly by the list of compatible devices that diverges from one assistant to another. Through connected light bulbs, connected thermostats and many other things connected, discover our selection of the best products compatible with different assistants.

Nowadays, we quickly realize that personal assistants have literally invaded our daily lives. Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, we find them everywhere: in our speakers, in our headphones, in our TVs and even in our smartphones. As a reminder, a personal assistant is used through voice commands to simplify everyday life in obtaining various information that can be found on the Internet.
Devices connected to assistants
PDAs are not just about answering questions, but about making requests to literally give orders to your different connected devices. These connected objects are numerous and cover many areas to meet all the needs of a connected home: multimedia boxes, lighting, security, energy consumption, etc.
Each assistant has a list of compatible devices, but not all of them offer the same compatibility. Although some manufacturers (to name only Philips with its range Hue) have made their devices compatible with all three assistants in the market, this is not the case for everyone. In addition, there is exclusive equipment for each wizard: Chromecast for Google, Fire TV Stick for Amazon, and Apple TV for Siri, for example.
With this guide, find the best devices connected in 2019 and discover which are compatible with your favorite assistant.
The multimedia boxes

Chromecast version 3 for Google Assistant
Google's HDMI key lets you stream media content from connected devices directly to a screen. Compared to the old model, the Chromecast 3 offers a slightly different design with a matte surface, but also the ability to play Full HD content in 60 frames per second (against 1080p at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps previously).

With a Google Home speaker, or any Google Assistant-enabled speaker, you'll be able to control Chromecast voice to launch a movie on Netflix, a video on YouTube, and more.
Why choose Chromecast 3?
Very useful to replace a TV decoder or any TV box
Many compatible mobile apps, including the most popular on iPhone, Android, Windows and macOS
The new version of Chromecast for Full HD at 60 fps
Chromecast 3 is usually sold for less than 40 euros.
             Find Chromecast 3 on Darty
If you want to stream 4K content, you'll have to look more closely at the Chromecast Ultra model. It is usually sold at less than 70 euros.
             Find Chromecast Ultra on Darty
The Amazon Fire TV Stick for Alexa
The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an HDMI key that allows access to many services from its TV standalone. Unlike Chromecast, this dongle is self-sufficient thanks to its remote control. It has a home operating system (Fire OS) that integrates all Amazon services like Prime Video or Amazon Music. It also provides access to a rich catalog of applications available through the Amazon App Store which includes games, but also applications like Molotov TV or Netflix.

Although the remote control does not include a microphone, it is quite possible to control the Fire TV Stick from an enclosure of the Amazon Echo range nearby, or an enclosure compatible with Alexa. When both devices are connected, just make the right queries to choose a TV channel, start a movie, or just pause.
Why opt for the Fire TV Stick?
Standalone HDMI Dongle
The remote control supplied with
All Amazon services, but also third-party applications (Netflix, Molotov, etc.)
The Amazon Fire TV Stick (basic version) is usually sold at around 60 euros.
             Find the Fire TV Stick on Amazon
Apple TV 4K for Siri
The Apple TV 4K is not an HDMI key, but a more expensive case. Although Apple is currently working on a competitor with Chromecast and Fire TV Stick, it is the only multimedia branding solution for the Apple brand. The tvOS system is easy to use on a daily basis, so it makes it easy to broadcast TV programs, files stored locally (on your iPhone or iPad), as well as the content of applications such as Netflix, Youtube and more. 'other.

From the remote control of the Apple TV, just press the microphone button to simply make your requests to Siri. You can then search for applications, watch a movie by genre, listen to music with Apple Music or even vibrate your iPhone if it is not in your field of vision.
Why move towards Apple TV 4K?
A complete multimedia box
tvOS easy to use
4K and HDR compatibility
The Apple TV 4K is available at just under 200 euros while the basic model is around 160 euros.
             Find the Apple TV on Darty
             Find the Apple TV 4K on Darty
Connected light bulbs

Philips Hue: our recommendation
With Philips Hue, the installation is simple. It requires a mandatory connection bridge that synchronizes via the dedicated application (smartphone and tablet) to add different bulbs to your environment. Then, it is very easy to manage the intensity and the colors of your bulbs for a unique personalization of your interior.

Compatible wizards: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.
Why do we recommend Philips Hue bulbs?
Easy installation and everyday use
The irreproachable quality of the Hue range
Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri compatible
To get started with Philips Hue, it's best to start with a package that includes the mandatory connection bridge directly. We find the first starter packs around 150 euros.
             Find the Philips Hue pack on Amazon
To learn more about Philips Hue bulbs, please consult our dedicated guide.
Read on FrAndroid: Philips Hue: how to get started and which bulb connected to choose?

LIFX: a good alternative to Philips Hue
Specialized in this sector, LIFX also offers its range of connected bulbs. Although less well known than the Philips Hue range in France, it offers a different solution that makes the dead end of a connection bridge to use them. Since the LIFX application on smartphone or tablet, it is very easy to manage the brightness of its interior and program moods according to your desires. More than just bulbs, they embark on a night vision mode infrared.
To diversify, LIFX also offers wall-mounted light panels where you can manage contrast, intensity and color density.

Compatible wizards: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri and even Cortana.
Why choose LIFX bulbs?
No hub needed
Infrared night vision mode
Compatible Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri and Cortana
More expensive than Philips Hue, we find a light bulb LIFX about 50 euros.
             Find LIFX bulbs on Amazon
Mi LED Smart Bulb: the price / quality ratio of Xiaomi
The Smart Bulb Mi LED bulbs from the famous Chinese manufacturer are another interesting alternative for those who want to equip their home with connected bulbs. Just like LIFX, Xiaomi does not offer a mandatory hub, just connect the bulb normally to start using it from the dedicated application.
In addition, Xiaomi's products are known to have excellent value for money. As a result, Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb bulbs are sold two to three times cheaper than their competitors.

Compatible wizards: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
Why do we recommend the Mi LED Smart Bulb?
The price / quality ratio Xiaomi
No hub needed
Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatible
Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb bulbs are usually sold at around 20 euros each.
             Find the bulbs Mi LED Smart Bulb on Cdiscount

Nest Learning Thermostat: our recommendation
The Nest Learning Thermostat features an LCD color screen and a modern design with a rounded shape. It is equipped with multiple sensors that measure the current home temperature, humidity, movement and ambient light to establish an ideal temperature. In the same way, it will record all temperature changes in order to target the user's preferences and self-program thereafter.
Compatible with combination boilers, domestic hot water tanks, system boilers, heat pumps, multizone systems, OpenTherm heating systems and floor heating systems, it is possible to easily control the temperature from a distance from his smartphone (iOS and Android), his tablet or his computer. It also offers welcome features like "Auto-Away" that manages hot water production and temperature differently during scheduled absences.

Compatible wizards: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
Why is Nest Learning recommended?
Easily controllable remotely
The "auto-absence" mode
One of the best references in the market
It is available under the bar of 230 euros.
             Find Nest Learning on Amazon
Netatmo: the price / quality ratio
The Netatmo is a connected thermostat that allows remote control (via your smartphone, computer or tablet) of a gas boiler, fuel oil or wood and even a heat pump. It can replace the majority of wall thermostats on the market to make your equipment intelligent.
An automatic mode (Auto-Adapt) allows to calibrate the temperature automatically according to an analysis of the insulation and the outside temperature in order to avoid the overconsumption energetic: a good way to save money!

Compatible wizards: Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple HomeKit.
Why do you recommend the Nest Thermostat?
A good way to save money
Easy to install and use
Auto-Adapt mode
The Netatmo Thermostat is usually sold for around 150 euros.
             Find the Netatmo thermostat on Amazon
Honeywell: the modern alternative
The Honeywell thermostat is controllable directly via the interface from the intuitive touch screen, but also remotely via the dedicated application on smartphone or tablet. Using the geolocation feature on your smartphone, the thermostat knows when your home is empty or when you are close to your home. He then adjusts the temperature without you having anything to do.
Compatible with mixed boiler, OpenTherm boiler and traditional boiler, it can program up to 6 independent time slots per day.

Compatible wizards: Google, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.
Why is the Honeywell thermostat recommended?
Its intuitive touch screen
Its geolocation function
Programming different time slots
The Honeywell thermostat is usually sold at 160 euros.
             Find the Honeywell thermostat on Amazon
Security cameras

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera: affordable surveillance in 1080p
The Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera is a surveillance camera to be placed inside the home. It can shoot in 1080p with 360-degree panoramic vision, and features welcome features like motion detection, Talkback to make video calls, and infrared night vision.
Very easy to install, just download the dedicated application (Mi Home, available on iOS and Android) to see the content of the camera on a smartphone or tablet, in order to always have an eye on what it happens at home when you are not there.

Compatible wizards: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
Why choose Mi Home Security Camera?
Its price / quality ratio
Full HD definition with a 360 ° viewing angle
Its infrared night vision
The Mi Home Security Camera is offered at around 40 euros.
             Find the Mi Home Security Camera on Amazon
Ring Doorbell 2: the smart doorbell
The Ring Doorbell 2 smart ring carries a camera so you can monitor everything in front of your house, even when you're away from home. It films in HD quality for a clear and precise image, and also allows to activate infrared night vision. Very easy to use, when someone triggers the motion sensors or presses the bell, you receive an instant alert on your smartphone, tablet or PC to automatically see what is happening in front of you.
You'll also get a free 30-day Cloud Ring Protect subscription so you can store, view, and share your videos with anyone whenever you want. The subscription then goes to 10 euros per month.

Compatible wizards: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can control this smart doorbell by asking, for example, to display the video on your TV to see who is knocking on your door without moving.
Why choose the Ring Doorbell 2?
Compact and discreet design
HD quality and night vision
Motion detector with automatic notifications
The Ring Doorbell 2 smart doorbell is often available for less than 200 euros.
             Find the Ring Doorbell 2 on Amazon
Netatmo Outdoor Camera: Safety First
The Netatmo camera incorporates a powerful light in addition to its sensor that films in Full HD. No subscription required here (in comparison to ring doorbell), you store your videos at no additional cost and get free streaming access.
Unlike external CCTV cameras that inform you as soon as a motion is detected, the Netatmo camera has an AI that can distinguish people, cars and animals: this greatly reduces unwanted notifications. Through the dedicated application, you can access a history of passages that tells you what time of day if a dog, cat, car or person has passed in front of you.

Compatible wizards: Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. For example, you can ask your assistant to turn on the garden light for the camera lamp to turn on.
Why is the Netatmo camera recommended?
Full HD quality
An AI that detects people, animals and cars
No subscription for streaming storage and streaming
It is usually found at less than 300 euros.
             Find the Netatmo camera on Amazon
Electrical outlets
Connected jack TP-Link: the bonus
With the connected TP-Link jack, you can control your electrical devices from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone. Several features are available such as turning on and off devices, checking device status, scheduling schedules and setting timers. Everything is handled very easily from the dedicated mobile application on Android.
You can program to turn lights on and off at specific times to save energy, a mode to simulate your presence when traveling is also available to deter burglars.

Compatible wizards: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
Why do you recommend the TP-Link electrical outlet?
Easy control of remote electrical devices
The many features
Mode to simulate its presence
The connected TP-Link socket is often available for 30 euros.
             Find the TP-Link socket on Amazon
And tons of other connected devices …
With the democratization of connected devices in the world, it is obvious that they are not all included in this guide. This is a small selection of products based on categories predefined by FrAndroid.
There are connected devices that we would not think of, such as the household appliances with the Moulinex intelligent multicooker or the iRobot Roomba 691 vacuum cleaner. We also think of the sound bar LG SK6 compatible with Google Assistant or the Triby Invoxia portable speaker compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.
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