What are the best e-readers in 2018? Editor's selection

After several years of existence, e-readers are now numerous on the market. Amazon's Kindle and Rakuten's Kobo are hard to navigate. What are the best readers for your ebooks? We dissect all this for you in this guide.

Unlike paper books, eReaders have the advantage of taking up little space and being able to accommodate tons of digital books, in addition to being very light. We understand why some people like this kind of products and why they are so often seen on public transport.
If you are interested but do not know which reference to direct you to, follow the guide to find the reader you need.
Kindle Paperwhite: our recommendation
After leaving the Paperwhite on hold for a while, Amazon has finally decided to bring new features to its reader in 2018. The reading is now IPX8 certified, which means that you can quietly use it in your bathtub without fear, and she now supports audible audiobooks.

The Paperwhite weighs only 182 grams and is only 8,18 mm thick, which makes it really nice to handle. The 6-inch anti-reflective screen with 300 dpi is more than enough to enjoy reading. You can even enjoy it at night thanks to its 5 built-in LEDs that allow you to read in absolute darkness.
Find the Kindle Paperwhite less than 130 euros in its version Wi Fi, 8 GB and with special offers.
             Find the Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon
Kobo Clara HD: the good alternative
The Kobo Clara HD comes in replacement of the Kobo Aura Edition 2 which began to date since it was released in 2016. Like the Kindle Paperwhite, it is sold at a price content and has high-end features.

This light is ultra light with 160 grams and should easily be forgotten in your bag. The grip is improved by the presence of small dots pierced on the entire rear face of the reading light. But what is more fun at home is the presence of ComfortLight lighting technology that aims to limit light emission and adaptive brightness.
The Clara HD is a complete reader, but we only regret that it is not waterproof, as its competitor Paperwhite can be found at the same price. However, it is natively compatible with more formats (including the epub), which makes it easier to use since it is not mandatory to use third-party software to convert files from other resellers.
Find the Kobo Clara HD on Rakuten and fnac.com generally less than 130 euros.
             Find the Clara HD on Rakuten
             Find the Kobo Clara HD on fnac.com
Kindle: the little price
You find the reading lights too expensive? Never mind, you'll find on Amazon a cheap version of the Kindle. The device is indeed available at less than 70 euros with Special Offers and less than 80 euros without. A gateway for people who would like to try the reading lights.

To reach this price, the builder had to make some concessions. For example, the 6-inch e-ink screen only has a pixel density of 167 dpi (as opposed to 300 dpi for the Paperwhite) and must compose without backlighting.
The software options of this Kindle are minimized and we recommend it to readers whose annotations and access to dictionaries are not a priority.
Find the classic Kindle on Amazon for about 70 euros.
             Find the classic Kindle on Amazon
Kindle Oasis: the must
The Kindle Oasis is probably the reading light that brings the best reading comfort thanks to its big screen of 7 inches. High-end reading, its pixel density of 300 dpi makes it possible to engage the reading as on a real paper medium, it also has an antireflective coating allowing to read in full sun. A product that will be fun to use on the beach during the holidays. Note that its wide border on the right side makes it easy to hold. You can even use it in landscape with its official protection.

Like the new version of Paperwhite, it is IPX8 certified to resist splashing. A single charge for the Kindle Oasis allows it to last several weeks, depending on your usage. Finally, it has a storage capacity of 8 or 32 GB to carry all your favorite books with you and anywhere.
Find the Kindle Oasis for less than 250 euros on Amazon.
             Find the Kindle Oasis on Amazon
Things to know
There are a few things you need to know before making your choice. If you decide to go on the purchase of an Amazon Kindle, you will be forced to retrieve eBooks from e-merchants. And these are not readable by other readers of the market, which can be annoying if you change.
That being said, Amazon Premium subscribers will be able to access a large loan library that will allow you to borrow one book per month free of charge from more than 20,000 titles in French. Amazon Prime is available today at 49 euros per year (with a free trial, no commitment, 30 days). If you are between 18 and 24 years old, Amazon Prime is available at only 24 euros a year, and the free trial goes to 6 months.
For Kobo eReaders you have access to the Kobo library which contains more than 5 million books, some of which are free.
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