What are the best smartphones to play at Fortnite in 2018? our selection

Now that Fortnite is available on Android, it may be a good time to change your smartphone. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Honor, what is the best smartphone to buy to play in the best conditions and finish Top 1? Find our selection to enjoy the Battle Royale Epic Games on mobile.

Talent plays a key role in becoming THE LAST MAN STANDING, but having a smartphone that holds up is also a component that should not be overlooked. Fortnite is a game originally released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and more recently on smartphone. Being a console / PC game, it requires a lot of resources, so it has been adapted and redesigned for smartphones.
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Epic Games has released the list of compatible smartphones, but not all of them allow you to enjoy an optimal experience on Fortnite. That's why we have selected the best smartphones that are, for us, the cream of the crop to play this game of royal battles.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9: the best solution
Samsung has just released the Galaxy Note 9 on the market. To date, it is the best solution to play Fortnite on mobile. Its 6.4 "full HD + AMOLED display is unquestionably one of the best on the market: it offers optimal playing comfort. In addition, Note 9 is very good.

The performance provided by the SoC Exynos 9810, clocked at 2.7 GHz and supported by 6 GB of RAM, allow to run the game with high graphics without slowing down. It's a real pleasure to play on this smartphone, especially since the battery of 4,000 mAh can play long sessions.
If you want to get more details on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, check our test, it received the rating of 9/10.


Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the best price?
Samsung Galaxy S9 +: the alternative
The Plus version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a better option than the classic version of the Korean flagship to play Fortnite. Obviously, Samsung is used to us with screens of an incredible quality, but it offers here a slab AMOLED wider than its little brother, with a diagonal of 6.2 inches for a comfort which is felt in hand and in game.

It also offers 6 GB of RAM (instead of 4 GB on the S9) and the performance of the SoC Exynos 9810 clocked at 2.7 GHz give an optimal result for an ever more fluid experience. Similarly, for autonomy, your gaming sessions will be longer with a battery that goes from 3000 mAh to 3500 mAh on the Plus version.
Do not hesitate to see our test, it received the rating of 8/10.


Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus at the best price?
Sony Xperia XZ2: the audiophile
The Sony Xperia XZ2 is a perfect companion to play the famous game of Epic Games. In a 5.7-inch format with a ratio of 18: 9 and a full HD + definition, the screen is appreciated by both eyes and fingers to kill on Fortnite. With its rounded back, it is also very well in hand. But of course, this is not the only reason: it embeds the Holy Grail of the SoC, namely the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 to make the Xperia XZ2 a real beast of power.

It has very good stereo speakers, but it has a dynamic vibration system that vibrates the phone to the rhythm of the sounds of the game: the immersion is much more intense this way. As for the duration of your gaming sessions, they will be a pretty good length with its battery of 3,180 mAh.
Do you want more information? See you on our test.


Where to buy Sony Xperia XZ2 at the best price?
OnePlus 6T: the best value for money
The OnePlus 6T is one of the most interesting choices for playing Fortnite, especially in terms of value for money. It is very pleasant to take in hand and its AMOLED screen of 6.41 inches brings a very successful visual rendering. The notch in drop of water is even less troublesome than on the previous model. It is not a problem to play and is very discreet compared to the competition.

What about performance? Obviously, they are more than good with the integration of a SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, clocked at 2.8 GHz and supported by 6 or 8 GB of RAM. It's a real pleasure to play Fortnite without slowing down, so you'll have no more excuses to become the last survivor. Regarding the autonomy in-game, it is very correct with a battery of 3700 mAh. In addition, the OnePlus 6 has an excellent fast charging technology, to recharge the smartphone very quickly.
To know our opinion on the OnePlus 6T, know that he scored 9/10 in our test.


Where to buy the OnePlus 6T at the best price?
Oppo RX17 Pro: the one who loads quickly
It's his back with a matte appearance that has attracted the most attention at the Oppo RX17 Pro. In addition to being very neat with its color gradient, it allows a good grip of the smartphone, which is vital when playing Fortnite. The 6.4-inch AMOLED display is also very pleasant to use. One wonders if this is not the same as that of the OnePlus 6T.

The Oppo RX17 Pro is the first smartphone in France to be equipped with the Snapdragon 710. A SoC cut for smartphones intermediate between midrange devices and high-end sold very expensive. It's powerful enough to play Fortnite smoothly. The phone embeds two batteries of 1850 mAh allowing to have nearly a day and a half of autonomy. They are fully charged within 40 minutes thanks to the Super Vooc charger, which is impressive. So you have little chance of running out of juice during a game.


Where to buy Oppo RX17 Pro at the best price?
Honor Play: the first prize
Honor Play, the latest Honor, is thought to play video games on smartphone and it is doing very well with Fortnite. Its main advantage is its 6.3 inch screen, ideal for optimal playing conditions.

Although it is proposed at an aggressive introductory rate of 329 euros, it has a well-stocked card including the presence of a SoC Kirin 970 which is supported by 4 GB of RAM. The result is more than satisfactory for a smartphone of this price bracket. Its autonomy is very comfortable with a battery of 3750 mAh that ensures quiet play several parts.
To learn more about the new Honor Play, go read our test.


Where to buy Honor Play at the best price?
iPhone XR / XS Max: the iOS alternative
Needless to say, the iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs Max are very good smartphones known for mobile gaming, which offer a pleasant and smooth experience on Fortnite. In addition, the fact that the game of Epic Games has benefited from a preview in the App Store, it is very well optimized for these two devices.

The iPhone Xr is a little bigger than the iPhone Xs released in same as him. It is content with a 6.1-inch LCD, but benefits from the same A12 Bionic chip as the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. As much to say to you that it is powerful. This model seems more interesting than the iPhone Xs, since it is more autonomous. We explain everything here.


Where to buy the Apple iPhone XR at the best price?
The iPhone Xs Max is the largest iPhone with its OLED screen of 6.5 inches. And even bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9! It is therefore equipped with the A12 Bionic chip accompanied by 4 GB of RAM that has no difficulty facing the most demanding applications.
You will find our grip of the iPhone Xs Max here for more information.


Where to buy the Apple iPhone XS Max at the best price?
If you want to know everything about Fortnite Mobile, check out our game review.
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