What foldable smartphone concept appeals to you the most – Poll of the Week

At the start of CES 2019, foldable smartphones are multiplying with different concepts. But which one do you like the most?

The CES 2019 is fast approaching, and the show aims to be a beautiful vision of what will be the future of the entire high-tech universe. Also, even though it is far from the specificity of the CES, we expect to see the first smartphones foldable screen.
That's good: the news will have given us several forms. The Samsung first, whose big screen closes to make room for a smaller screen outside. The LG then, which would unfold and expand to become a tablet. And finally the alleged Xiaomi, who folds three times on himself to switch from tablet to smartphone.
But which of these forms would suit you best? That's what we're looking for today.
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The 5G, wait number 1 for 2019
Last week, we were trying to determine what your top expectations were for 2019. You were 1124 to answer our survey.

The battle is tight, but these are the first 5G smartphones that interest you at 36%. The screens drilled as foldable, however, attract a lot, at 28.6% and 27.4% respectively. We note that despite the trend, the multiplication of photo sensors is far from captivating: only 7.9% of you have chosen.

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