What is USB Debug mode and how to activate it on Android?

USB Debugging is a hidden option of Android that provides access to additional options when the device is connected to a computer. Here's how to activate it and why.

What is USB Debugging?
Android has an option, Debug USB, which is useful as the name suggests for developers to debug an application. This option also allows you to unlock new functions for hackers, including access to ADB tools.
The risks
USB debugging is an option that is designed for developers and may present some risks. This allows a computer to access specific areas of the phone and make commands that can have a significant impact on the security of your device and data.
Therefore, for security reasons, it is strongly recommended to disable this feature as soon as you have finished using it.
How to activate it?
Enable options for developers
Since version 4.2 of Android, the Options menu for developers no longer appears by default in the system settings. It is in the development options that this cache the option Debug USB.
To access these options, go to the Android settings in the "System" section and then "About the phone".
Touch the Build Number field seven times. At the end of the seven supports, a message tells you that you are a developer! The Developer Options section will appear in Android's system settings.
To learn more about the options for developers, we invite you to read our guide on the subject.
Enable USB debugging
Activating USB debugging is then very simple. Just find the corresponding option in the Development Options.
Note that at the first connection with a computer, the phone will ask for your authorization before activating this mode with the PC indicating its unique identifier, a bit like a Bluetooth pairing.
To learn more about the possibilities given by ADB, which requires USB debugging, do not hesitate to discover our guide dedicated to Android Debug Bridge.

How to disable USB debug mode
To disable the USB debug mode, reverse the manipulation. Go to your phone's settings in the Developer Options section and uncheck the USB Debug option.

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