Why 45 operators want to cut Orange in two

The hegemony of Orange does not please everyone. An association of operators requires that the historical operator with multiple caps be split in two.

Despite a market that now seems to play the game of free competition, Orange remains to this day the first national operator thanks, among others, to its position as a historical operator.
For Aota, the association of alternative telecom operators, this position of both market leader and incumbent operator does not allow the emergence of competing solutions credible. It goes further, affirming according to the Express, that this situation will recreate a monopoly, this time with access to fiber optics.
Split the commercial and the network
According to information from the Express, the 45 operators of the Aota have sent a request to the competition authority to separate Orange into two separate companies, one for the network and the other for its business activities.
In a way, this recalls the separation between the management of the rail network on the one hand, and SNCF's commercial activities on the other.
A European history
In Europe, a separation of this type has already taken place in the United Kingdom, and the same demands are being made in Italy. ARCEP has always refused to take a similar decision in France.
The regulator has recently put Orange on notice for problems on the copper network. The operator risks a fine that could amount to one billion euros.

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