Wiko against Wico: a strange case between confusion and "counterfeit"

A company called Wico is suing the Wiko smartphone brand for blaming the customers' minds. Wiko responded by indicating that he was persuaded to win the case.

Wiko is a brand founded in Marseille in 2011 and, as everyone knows, it markets smartphones. What we do not know is that there is another brand with very similar spelling and pronunciation: Wico. It has existed since 2006 and its activities also concern the telecommunications sector since this company installs dedicated infrastructures.
The confusion is easy between Wiko and Wico and it is for this reason that Wico has just announced "a counterfeit action of 30 million euros before the TGI of Paris against Wiko. The complainants believe that they have suffered a business interruption because of this confusion in the minds of customers, particularly because of the "controversies surrounding the Wiko brand. [qui] have created special harm to the Wico brand and the morality of the owners. "
The Wico logo
The case that affected Wiko in 2017 concerning the unauthorized leakage of personal data to his parent company Tinno was cited. The brand had promised to take action before marking more strongly its merger with Tinno.
The 30 million euros claimed are expected to cover an operating loss between 2011 and 2016. "Despite several amicable approaches between 2013 and 2016 led by the owners of Wico, Wiko has made no proposal to organize the coexistence between the two brands Wico and Wiko in the telecommunications sector, "reads the statement announcing the judicial process.
Against Wico, Wiko is perfectly confident
A spokesman for Wiko told us that his company knew the two Wico officials well enough, because they would regularly claim financial compensation "with crazy sums on notions of disputed rights." Wiko had already counterattacked in nullity.
"We will take all the necessary actions to defend our interests and respect the law. We are perfectly confident, "said Wiko spokesman. The latter also suggests that this is primarily a pressure stroke attempted by Wico to try to earn money easily.
This case is reminiscent of the one that hit OnePlus who had been sued for the name of his Dash recharge.

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