Windows 10 1809: Microsoft finally launches deployment, news to remember

Microsoft has launched the general roll-out of the October 2018 update of Windows 10 by Windows Update. Here are the main changes made by this new version.
Updated January 17, 2019
After several months of limited availability, the October 2018 update for Windows 10 is now massively deployed by Windows Update. On the official page indicating the status of the update, Microsoft said it is a multi-phase deployment, starting with the machines that Microsoft believes will benefit most from the new features. It is possible to force the installation of the update with Windows Update to take advantage now.
After the update of April 2018, which was released on the wire at the end of the month of the same name, it is very logically that Microsoft announced that the next major update of its operating system was called simply "Windows 10 October 2018 Update" or "October 2018 update of Windows 10" in French, or Windows 10 1809 to make it shorter.
What's new in Windows 10 1809
This new version brings many changes, here are the main ones.

The interface of Windows 10 has been slightly reworked. Microsoft now offers a dark theme for the file explorer. A new tool for screenshots is also appearing. The famous copy and paste has been reviewed and offers a history and synchronization in the cloud. The emojis have been updated to the Emoji 11 standard which adds no less than 157 new characters.
Other features include the arrival of a battery meter for Bluetooth devices, a new parameter page for HDR displays, and the arrival of the Swiftkey app as the default virtual keyboard on Windows 10 tablets. Swiftkey was bought back in 2016 by Microsoft.

It is also with this new version that Microsoft adds the "Your Phone" application to synchronize your smartphone with a Windows PC. The Skype app has a brand new design, and even the old Bloc-Note application has been updated to be compatible with the Linux and MacOS document line breaks. Microsoft Edge also has a lot of novelty, including better management of PDF reading and e-Book, and the management of WebAuthn to end passwords.
Release date and deployment
Windows 10 1809 is currently being tested in the Windows Insider program. It will be officially deployed during the month of October. Internally, Microsoft teams are working to launch the deployment in the first part of October, but this schedule could change depending on the discovery of bugs.
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