Windows 10: Microsoft Backs Down and Ends Forced Updates

With the arrival of the next major Windows 10 update, now known as the "May Update," Microsoft is revising its upgrade policy, which is gaining more flexibility.
At the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft wanted to end the fragmentation of Windows versions and has therefore both proposed a large free update plan to its new system, but has also put in place a mandatory update policy rather decried. Thus, businesses and business users could delay updates somewhat, but they were generally strongly pushed by Microsoft, to the point where the download of the update was triggered automatically.
As updates, especially at the rate of two new major releases a year, Microsoft revised its policy to increase flexibility, allowing more easily to choose when updates were installed. These changes, however, showed their limits with the update launched at the end of 2018, the bugs of which forced Microsoft to stop the deployment for a while.
The Windows 10 edition Winning Big Family of Change
On his blog, and the occasion of the arrival of the May 2019 update, Microsoft announced new changes to the Windows 10 update policy. First, Windows 10 Family users will now be able to postpone the update. installation of an update for 35 days, such as business and enterprise users.

Most importantly, Windows Update will receive an update to no longer automatically download and install feature updates, which is the name given by Microsoft to the two major updates the company deploys each year. It is the user who will decide when to launch the download and installation of the update, meanwhile, Windows Update will continue to receive security patches for the version installed on the device. Microsoft will only force the installation on if the version installed on the device expires, when the security patches are no longer offered.
This update of Windows Update will be deployed by the end of May for Windows 1809 and Windows 10 1809, both versions of the system launched in 2018.
Microsoft also announces that the download of updates will now be done when the user is not in front of the machine, to avoid congesting his Internet connection or degrade the performance of the device.
Microsoft now takes its time for updates
The next update for Windows 10 is almost ready, but Microsoft prefers to wait until the end of May to launch the rollout. The firm seems to have learned from its mistakes, mainly from its haste. Thus, the update Windows 10 19H1, which one thought planned for the month of April will leave finally in May. In the meantime, Microsoft will offer its users Windows Insider program in Release Preview version, to test this update as early as next week.
The firm will have a little more than a month to flush out and fix the latest bugs before launching its update. Overall, Microsoft says it wants to be more transparent with its update process, want to give more control, and improve the quality of its software. This is after all the best way to ensure greater trust of users, and therefore a faster and more voluntary installation of new versions of Windows.

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