Windows 10: yes, a dark theme on Google Chrome is "under preparation"

An engineer from the Chrome team confirmed the arrival of a dark native theme on the Chrome browser running the Windows operating system. A news that will delight our mirettes.
Photo credit: 9to5Google
In view of the benefits offered to users by simply setting up a dark theme – rest of the eyes, battery conserved – companies related to the fields of mobile telephony and computers no longer hesitate to develop this mode oh so popular by the community. Facebook is preparing one for its Messenger platform, Microsoft has already integrated Windows for its file explorer, while Android Message has also been updated in August 2018.
Native support in development
But among all these actors, an irresistible sponsor of the technology sector seemed to be resisting: Google, whose popular search browser Chrome had still not adorned with such a theme. More for a long time: the firm of Mountain View was indeed caught in the bag last September, she was developing a dark mode dedicated to Google Chrome … but only for the MacOS operating system.
Obviously a little disappointed, the community is on the other hand to smile after the statements of a Peter Kasting, engineer in the Chrome group of the US group. As quoted Techdows, quoted by Android Police, the person killed the suspense on the forum Reddit evoking the progress of the project for Windows 10: "For computers, the native support of a dark theme is underway of preparation. In the meantime, we suggest users to use the Dark Theme (Material Incognito Dark Theme, ed.) ".
The dark theme already available on Chrome Canary
And Peter Kasting to elaborate on a potential dark theme on Chrome Mobile: "I can not say anything about mobile. These are different teams and I have no visibility, "he concludes. This dark theme is fast approaching, and its availability on the experimental version of the browser, Chrome Canary, Windows 10, is a proof: for hackers, 9to5Google explains the approach to follow (in English).

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