Windows 10: You're not the only one to disable Cortana, Microsoft is studying the opening of its system to Alexa and others

Do you never use Cortana on your PC? Even worse … have you disabled it? Know that Microsoft is thinking about a system that will select another default wizard on Windows 10. Bad news for Cortana but an opportunity for other assistants like Google Assistant, Apple Siri but especially Amazon Alexa.

Did you know ? Currently, we can already use 10 voice assistants other than Cortana in Windows 10, but they have a secondary role: to activate them, it is not enough to talk with our computer, we are forced to click a button or use a keyboard shortcut . To install Alexa, for example, you have to install this file. And its launch is … long: you can add Alexa (like any program) in your taskbar or you can search Alexa with the search engine built into Windows 10. By the way, if you downloaded the latest bet Windows 10 update, the Amazon Alexa version of the Microsoft Store is marked as unsupported.

Things will definitely change. Several users (members of the Microsoft Insiders program) have reported the existence of a code integrated with the latest versions of Windows 10 (specifically version 19H1), which would allow the user to replace Cortana with alternatives such as Alexa .
Windows 10 will soon select its default system wizard
The code in question appears in the API with the descriptive names of "IsSystemCortanaAppReplaceable" and "IsSystemCortanaAppReplaced" that allow an application to know if the Cortana wizard is configured as replaceable or has already been replaced. There is also graphical evidence of new features that would allow the user to determine whether third-party applications can activate apps using their keyword (even when the PC is locked).

This decision of the Redmond company comes after Microsoft decided to dissociate the search function in the Cortana system. Microsoft's assistant seems to be losing positions relative to its main competitors.
Finally who will benefit this decision? In fact, Alexa is for the moment the only major software of this type on Windows 10, because neither Siri nor Google Assistant have a version for Windows 10. Note nevertheless that Google Assistant can be activated on Chrome, but c is still an unofficial integration of the Google wizard.
How to replace the default wizard on Android?
On Android, it is already possible to modify the default wizard where you can completely replace Google Assistant with an alternative. Just find Alexa, for example, on the Google Play Store and install it. Once configured, in the system settings in the Applications section (Advanced Options> Default Applications), you select the wizard of your choice in Assist. and voice input.
                        Amazon Alexa is the application that allows you to interact with the personal assistant created by Amazon. So, provided you have products …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Manage your connected home
                                                                Listen to music everywhere
                                                                Manage your race list
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