Wireless charging on the next Oppo and OnePlus? It's very likely

Oppo joins the Wireless Power Consortium, suggesting that the brand could soon offer smartphones capable of wireless charging. By edge effect, OnePlus could also benefit.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) brings together many manufacturers and accessories such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Aukey, Anker, etc. Together, their goal is to consolidate the Qi wireless charging standard, improve it and promote it. In total, more than 650 companies have come together, and this list has apparently expanded recently with the addition of a new name, Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp.
It is difficult to date precisely the arrival of Oppo in this consortium, just noticed by ChargerLab. AndroidPolice notes however that none of the brand's smartphones offer Qi wireless charging for the moment.
Oppo and OnePlus, same fight?
The integration of the brand within the WPC portends the future arrival of smartphones compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard. Moreover, with Oppo and OnePlus sharing most of their R & D, the two brands could benefit and some are already moving forward – perhaps a little faster – on the possible compatibility of OnePlus 7.
OnePlus currently justifies the lack of wireless charging on its smartphones by the slowness of this technology compared to the wired charging Dash Charge (or Warp Charge now). However, Oppo would have succeeded in accelerating – a little bit – the wireless charging process with the design of a 15 W Qi charger.
It remains to be seen now if this technology is developed enough to integrate the next smartphones of the two brands or if it will wait a little longer. Anyway, the arrival of Oppo in this consortium is very good news for the advancement of this technology in light of the progress made by the brand in the field of charging.

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