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Imagined by a German start-up, the Novus electric motorcycle is distinguished by its inevitable hole in the middle of its chassis, coupled with a support for smartphone, which acts as a digital key. A product still in prototype stage at CES 2019.

While the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is largely focused on electronic and technological products in general, the show is not kicking away from the sectors dedicated to urban mobility, especially the new electrical solutions. Witness Volvo and its Polestar 2, an electric car with a 100% Android system just introduced.
But the CES is also an opportunity for startups still little known to the public to attract the spotlight for a few days, so to be identified for a more innovative concept than another. This is particularly the case of Novus, a young German sprout at the origin of an electric motorcycle with an original design: a gaping hole in the chassis jumps immediately to the eyes, giving way to a mixture of surprise and curiosity.
Incomplete datasheet
This concept still at the prototype stage marks its presence in Las Vegas, as we learn from the specialized site Electric Motorcycles. The making off published on the YouTube page of the German firm a few days before the opening of the annual high mass left little room for doubt. Even less the last picture of their account Instagram, geolocated in the city of all vices.

The design of the product was painstakingly prepared by René Renger and Marcus Weidig, both CEOs of the company. Renowned for its lightness, carbon fiber has naturally been favored to form the frame of the model. The latter also has an electric motor of 14 kW, offering a maximum speed of 96 km / h. Its lithium-ion battery – without more precision – gives it a range of just 100 km / h.
Integrated smartphone support
According to the official website, the user will be able to perform three hours of driving in urban traffic. The battery is recharged at 80% in the space of one hour: rather fast. Novus also stands out with its built-in smartphone holder, which turns into a digital key once installed. At present, neither the price nor the date of marketing have been communicated.

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