Withings Move: a new "French" connected watch with 18 months of autonomy

Withings, under French flag, returns with a connected watch named Move. Its characteristics are classic with two details.
The wearable specialist Withings is back in France since one of its co-founders bought the box from Nokia in 2018. This 2019 edition of the CES marks the great comeback of Withings under the French flag.
The Withings Move is a connected watch (diameter 38 mm) classic: no screen, its dial looks like a few details to a traditional watch. This is the formula we have known with Withings for a few years (except the Steel HR Sport which incorporates a small screen).
This connected watch tracks your activity 24 hours a day and reports to the iOS and Android Health Mate app: when you sleep, you work but also when you play sports. Data can be leveraged on more than 100 partner apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit or MyFitnessPal. So far, nothing really new. On the dial, you can even follow the progress of the indicator of your choice.
Where the Move differs from other products in the Withings catalog is its price (69.95 euros), its autonomy of 18 months (with water resistance up to 50 meters) but also its customization directly carried out in France. You can customize your Move watch by choosing colors and components: "a range of colors of cases, dials, hands, glass type and bracelets as well as background colors to create the model that looks like them. ". That's why Withings talks about Made in France for his Move watch.
For the moment, the classic model is pre-order on Amazon at 69.95 euros.


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