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Withings is back at CES 2019. We have discovered the last three products of the French brand specialized in wearables.

Back in 2017, the French nugget wearables Withings had been bought and renamed Nokia Health. This new subsidiary was to allow the Nokia group – which had missed the turn of smartphones a few years ago – to find growth drivers.

Connected scale, pedometer, sleep sensors, connected bracelets … But unfortunately, very quickly, the project of Nokia has changed: the group wanted to sell its e-health division. Finally, during the summer of 2018, Eric Carreel, French entrepreneur and co-founder of Withings, took over the reins of his company.
Obviously, the CES 2019 was an important issue for the French company, and the teams had only a few weeks to prepare. They presented three new products: the Withings Move Pop, a connected watch "Made in France", the Withings ECG, the first connected watch to integrate an ECG on Android and finally the BMP Core. We had the opportunity to discover them at the Withings booth and to discuss with the teams in charge of these products.
Withings Move and its thousands of possible configurations
The Withings Move, like the Move ECG, is a hybrid watch that will automatically follow your activities like your workouts – walking, running and cycling – but also the quality of your sleep. The autonomy of the watch is 18 months, according to Withings, and it is waterproof up to 50 meters deep.

The Withings Move is therefore a connected watch quite classic to a detail. Indeed, Withings promises Made in France customization. You can completely customize your watch on the Withings website, and the product manager has assembled it right in front of me. The whole process took about five minutes, and shows how many color combinations are possible.

For the moment, the available pieces are made of plastic, but you can choose several colors and it will be possible to upload visual elements which promises a quite advanced personalization of the watch. At the end of the year, Withings also mentioned the arrival of new materials such as stainless steel with leather straps.

We had very positive first impressions. You do not have advanced health features, but it costs 69.95 euros. In addition, the customization is done directly in Paris. By the way Withings confirmed to me that this is a 100% Withings product. It was created after the takeover of the companies.

Withings Move ECG, the first connected watch to offer an ECG on Android
Unlike the Watch Series 4, the Move ECG is a hybrid watch. So it's not a smart watch. It retains the look of a traditional analog watch while adding some connected features.

As you can imagine, the main feature of this watch is the introduction of an electrocardiogram, which means that the ECG Move is able to detect diseases such as atrial fibrillation (Afib). It works thanks to three electrodes, two of which are discreetly integrated inside the watch, the third is in the stainless steel bezel.
Simply put two fingers on both sides of the scope to initiate an ECG measurement that takes no more than 30 seconds. The watch vibrates to alert the user that a measurement is in progress, and then syncs the data with the Withings Health Mate app on Android and iOS.
From there, you will be able to see if the heart is beating normally and find other cardiac data that can be shared with a doctor. Withings does not have FDA or EC approval yet, but it's under way and it will be ready for the commercialization of the planned watch by May 2019.

The ECG Move is promising. She is beautiful and comfortable on the wrist, it takes all that makes the success of the Move – although it is thicker and a bit heavier – with a practical and effective health function.
Yes, it's my ECG
Note that the Move ECG is waterproof up to 50 meters and promises an autonomy of 12 months. It will be available at a price of 130 euros in white and black. For information, this is the first watch connected with an ECG compatible Android.
BMP Core, the connected and mainstream sphygmomanometer
The Withings BPM Core is clearly a health-oriented product. It is a connected blood pressure meter, Withings evokes "the most advanced in the world" which combines electrocardiogram and stethoscope functions.
It looks a lot like its predecessor with a similar cuff-like design. Moreover, he still has the ability to measure blood pressure to a level of clinical quality. In addition to blood pressure, he can now perform ECG (electrocardiogram) readings and can thus be used to identify serious heart health problems such as atrial fibrillation.
The blood pressure readings are displayed on the device with a colored LED to indicate if a problem is detected
Another new feature of this product is the digital stethoscope which, according to Withings, can help in early detection of valvular heart disease. This is a problem that affects the heart valves, and may require surgery. The purpose of this product is to enable the general public to carry out early and regular surveillance to identify, prevent and manage heart disease.

The device is also equipped with sensors, such as a microphone, which allows you to record the beats of your heart. Besides, it's quite strange to listen to the recording of your heart on your smartphone.
All three measurements are done in 90 seconds and the data is transmitted to the Withings Health Mate application. It is also possible to generate a report to send directly to his doctor. Withings insists that it will become important to have health products at home: this allows for more accurate data, since the environment is quieter at home.
Count 250 euros for the BMP Core and availability during the course of the first half of 2019.

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