Wizards Unite: Pokémon Go Creators Reveal Harry Potter Game in Augmented Reality

After a year and a half of waiting, the Niantic studio, behind the hit Pokémon Go, officially unveiled on Monday the details of Harry Potter Wizards Unite, its next mobile game in augmented reality.

In November 2017, we learned that the Niantic studio, the source of the success of Pokémon Go, was also going to develop a virtual reality mobile game taking place in the Harry Potter universe. After months of teasers and trailers that revealed little gameplay, Niantic finally announced more on Monday.
A story, meetings and an investigation
Harry Potter Wizards Unite will take the same basic principle as Pokémon Go, to encourage players to walk around and visit the iconic places close to home to progress in the game. Nevertheless, several differences in size come to distinguish the game. Harry Potter of his predecessors. First, it proposes a narrative aspect. The player will play a wizard who has to deal with magical events in the muggle world and must hide them from the public eye. He will also have to understand how this "calamity" came to see the day.

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Specifically, the player will be able to meet characters, creatures or magical traces in certain places. To solve the encounter, whether it's confronting a Death Eater or saving a creature, you'll have to draw spells on the smartphone touch screen. It will also be possible to capture fortresses, such as arenas in Pokémon Go. Niantic has also integrated a system of profession players who may be aurors, magizoologists or teachers, and therefore have different spells to defend the fortress. A good composition to hold a fortress will be essential, as in any MMORPG.

Our colleagues from Numerama had the opportunity to take Harry Potter Wizards Unite for an hour and came out with a "very positive" impression, with a game that demands strategy and precision, while the idea to have a scripted game suggests the best, "hoping it does not run out of steam quickly". For now, Niantic has still not announced a specific date for the release of Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Just know that the availability of the game is scheduled for 2019.
You can already pre-register on the Play Store.


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