Xbox and xCloud: Microsoft reacts to Google Stadia and promises heavy E3

Google made a lot of noise with the announcement of Stadia, its first cloud gaming service. Microsoft also has its service in the boxes, and intends well not to be forgotten.

It is now official, in 2019, Google is attacking the video game market currently mainly held by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, if we talk about the console market. The company has revealed its cloud gaming service Stadia at the Game Developer Conference, which is scheduled to be launched in Europe before the end of the year. Everything is not yet clear about the service, but Stadia will have to rely on a competitor of weight, Microsoft xCloud.
Microsoft will have heavy E3
Microsoft teams have of course followed the announcement of Stadia, and Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, the first. In an internal email sent to the teams, and revealed by, he says he is impressed by the launch of Stadia. In particular, it retains the use of YouTube, Google Assistant and the presentation of the Wi-Fi controller Stadia Controller.
Although impressed, Phil Spencer does not seem scared:
For us, we have done a very good job of getting to the point where we are ready to fight for a market with two billion players on the planet. Google made strong today, we will have heavy E3 in a few months.
E3 is the most important show of the year for the video game industry. It is on this occasion that Microsoft should unveil its (or its) Xbox new generation. With this statement, the company is also expected to talk about its xCloud service, including a possible partnership with Nintendo and its Switch.
It remains to be seen if Microsoft will be able to launch as fast as Google. At the latest news, the company wanted to launch the first public tests of xCloud in 2019. We are far from the promise of such a widespread launch as Google Stadia.
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