Xbox games coming out on Nintendo Switch in 2019 in addition to the Game Pass

A growing rumor and corroborated by Direct-Feed Games and advance that some Xbox games will arrive natively on Nintendo Switch. In addition, the game streaming game Game Pass would also land on the Nintendo laptop.

At the beginning of this console generation, Microsoft seemed to be making all the wrong choices for its Xbox One. But little by little, with the arrival of backward compatibility and multiplatform game in particular, the company has managed to recover its image from the players.
This desire to break down the barriers between the consoles was all the more seen with the release of Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, and the link put forward between Nintendo and the American company in its communication. Recently, Microsoft has even announced that its Xbox Live application will come out on the console. Rumor has it that this link … would go much further.
Game Pass, Ori and Cuphead approaching on Nintendo Switch
Since the recent release of Hellblade on Nintendo Switch, title of Ninja Theory studio today under the thumb of Microsoft, the rumor of Xbox game releases on the latest Nintendo mobile console is growing. Yesterday, the YouTube channel Direct-Feed Games announced that Ori and the Blind Forest, an independent title released by Microsoft, would also be porting.
Today, corroborates this information from internal sources, and adds that Cuphead would also be there. This would be a first step for a relationship of good understanding between the two players, still under negotiation. According to the site, one of the biggest licenses of Microsoft – Halo, Gears of War or Forza – would also be concerned, although we did not know the form for the moment.
Above all, the most important information is that the xCloud service would also be expected in the future. As a reminder, this is a cloud gaming game service that could allow the Nintendo Switch to enjoy Xbox One games despite its lack of power. We could see the application land in 2019.
The end of the war of the consoles
Would we witness the end of the console war in 2019? It must be said that for all players in the market, console sales have always been less lucrative than games in themselves. What's more, their digital revenue share is growing exponentially.
It is not surprising that Microsoft is the instigator, since it is the actor with the least success on this generation hardware side. In addition, the US global firm is very successful on its Azure cloud solutions, which bring the company's revenue to the global.
Faced with this, Sony continues to balk at the opening. The latest to accept cross-platform gaming, he remains one of the first to bet on cloud gaming by buying Gaikai and launching the PlayStation Now service. Will it open too? Nobody knows, but Nintendo seems to want to continue to be agnostic on the platform issue and probably would not refuse the idea that his opponent always benefits from his console.



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