Xbox Live on Android and iOS: Microsoft gives go-ahead to developers

Microsoft has deployed an Xbox Live Software Kit Development (SDK) to the developer community to make iOS and Android games compatible with its online service.

With its know-how in the video game industry, Microsoft wants to accelerate its development and occupy an increasingly important place. To do this, the firm of Redmond's online service Xbox Live, now compatible with Xbox consoles and computers – depending on the titles – he wants to extend to iOS and Android devices. A project already mentioned in our columns at the beginning of February.
An SDK made available to developers
As a result, the US multinational is taking the next step in unifying players around the world, as its teams have deployed a Software Development Kit (SDK) for industry developers who can now integrate certain Xbox Live features into the games. iOS and Android, as we learn from The Verge. For example, the list of friends, the successes or the Gamescore can be added.
Currently, only mobile operating systems from Google and Apple are affected by this announcement. The Switch, also expected to participate in this adventure, should join them a little later. "Today, we do not have a specific announcement on the Switch," said Kareem Choudhry, head of cloud gaming in the Xbox division.
Microsoft, en route to cloud gaming
It's a safe bet that Microsoft misses the Game Developers Conference (GDC), held from March 18 to 23 in San Francisco, and enjoys the E3 2019, in June, to announce with great fanfare the compatibility with the console from Nintendo. However, it will surely not rely on a merger with Sony and its PS4, dismissed, for the moment, this major project.
Still, this year 2019 should be marked by the launch of the first tests of xCloud, cloud gaming platform that will give us the opportunity to play games rather greedy Xbox directly from our mobile device.

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