Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: Here is the Microsoft console ready for cloud gaming

Microsoft is about to launch a new, and probably latest, version of its Xbox One. Turned to the cloud, the console will not be compatible with physical games, a first for a home console.
Credit: Windows Central
Forget the announcement of the Xbox One in 2013 that had made so much talk about it, the dematerialized and cloud do not seem to scare in 2019, while Google has already unveiled Stadia, its cloud gaming service. For several months, the rumors evoke the release of a new Xbox One for the beginning of 2019, and we now have images of the console.
An Xbox One S without a Blu-ray player
The Windows Central site was indeed able to obtain information on the output of the console, and recreate images of the machine in Photoshop. The launch date of the machine would be scheduled as of May 7, 2019, a few weeks after the announcement and the beginning of the pre-orders scheduled for mid-April.
Credit: Windows Central
On the images, the Xbox One S All-Digital edition looks exactly the same with the classic Xbox One S, the only difference being that the machine lacks the Blu-ray player. This console would indeed be the first Xbox, and even the first home console, to offer no player of video games in physical format.
As the name suggests, the console would be totally oriented towards the cloud and the cloud. The removal of the Blu-ray player should in particular allow to lower the price of the machine. We already regularly find the Xbox One S less than 250 euros with several games offered. Microsoft will have to be aggressive.
1 TB and free games
Information received by Windows Central indicates that the console would include a hard drive of 1 TB, which would include storing Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves, two games supplied with the machine. According to the site, the Xbox Game Pass subscription would not be included however.
If that's true, it would look like a missed opportunity from Microsoft, while this new Xbox One seems to be thinking about subscription deals like the Game Pass, and the long-term xCloud cloud gaming service expected by Microsoft. One could imagine for example the machine being sold subsidized with a subscription.
The release of this Xbox One will mark the end of the current generation of console. The next should not be long, with announcements planned for the month of June.

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