Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: the console for Microsoft's 100% dematerialized games will arrive in April

Microsoft is working on a last iteration of its Xbox One before the change of generation. The firm would soon be ready to reveal it from reliable sources.

Since the end of 2018, we know that Microsoft is working on a new, and last version of its Xbox One, the game console originally released in 2013. We now know a little more about this new console , which should be sold at very low prices.
A very Microsoft name
After the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X, Microsoft would have decided to change his mind and go on a name that is much more like him. According to Windows Central sources, the console should indeed be marketed under the name Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.
This name confirms two characteristics that had already been the subject of rumors in 2018. On the one hand this machine is based on the Xbox One S, that is to say the version of the console sold at a low price. On the other hand, the console should well ignore its Blu-Ray player and offer only dematerialized content (Xbox Store, Xbox Game Pass, Netflix, Spotify, etc.).
An exit at the beginning of the year
Still according to this source, the console would soon be finalized. The release is scheduled for May 2019, with pre-orders starting in April. The launch would be international and simultaneous, in all markets where Xbox is already marketed.
A console riding on two generations?
In principle, this console should allow Microsoft to close this generation, with a product at a very affordable price. The next generation, known as the Scarlet code, could be unveiled as early as E3 2019 in June.
One can however wonder if this Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will not have access to the games of new generation. How? Thanks to the future Microsoft xCloud service that would allow any type of machine to access Xbox games, even a Switch.
If the xCloud service comes down to an application, we do not see why the previous consoles of Microsoft, like the Xbox One, could not have access to it.
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