xCloud: before the battle against Google, Microsoft shows an Xbox game on a Galaxy S9

While Microsoft is developing its own game console, the Xbox One, the publisher is also working on its own video game streaming service, xCloud. The firm demonstrated it for the first time this Tuesday.

The coming months should be the occasion of a fierce war of publishers around video game streaming. While Google sharpens its weapons around Project Yeti Project Stream, its own cloud gaming solution, Microsoft is not left behind. The Redmond firm has been working for over a year on xCloud, a video game service that runs on Microsoft Azure servers and can be controlled directly from a smartphone, computer or game console.
For the first time, Microsoft released this Tuesday a demonstration of xCloud in a video posted on YouTube. Kareem Choudhry, head of cloud gaming in the Xbox division, gave an update on the video game streaming service. Asked when the xCloud service would be available, he recalled that the tests open to the public would begin this year.

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Presenter Julia Hardy was also able to test Forza Horizon 4 on a Galaxy S9 controlled by an Xbox One controller connected in Bluetooth and running directly on Microsoft's servers. Samsung is also Microsoft's partner on this project.
An expected partnership with Nintendo
Some rumors mention the possibility that Microsoft will release one of its next consoles only cloud-oriented, without physical support, with the built-in xCloud service. In addition, according to information from jeuxvideo.com, Microsoft is also a partner of Nintendo to offer the xCloud service directly on the Switch, allowing players of the Nintendo hybrid console to play Microsoft games, even on the move.
Microsoft is not the only player on the streaming gaming sector. Google has already begun to advance its pawns around the Stream project and should give more information at the Game Developer Conference scheduled for March 19. Sony is also working on a similar technology with its PlayStation Now service, even if the games must necessarily be controlled from a PlayStation 4 or a computer.
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