Xiaomi: foldable smartphone could be half the price of Samsung Galaxy Fold

Last seen in January, the concept of doubly collapsible smartphone imagined by Xiaomi would be expected between April and June 2019. Above all, its fee schedule tickle 1000 euros, the price of a smartphone very upscale today 'hui.

Two months ago, the foldable Xiaomi smartphone gave itself a small outing as a concept. A concept that should obviously lead to a final product soon, if we believe the media Igyaan, relayed by GSMArena.
According to "investors close to the production lines" questioned by the site, the flexible product of the Asian group should be the subject of an official presentation between the months of April and June 2019.
Xiaomi Mi Fold at less than 1000 euros
A main event organized in China, followed by secondary conferences held within the target markets, would constitute the roadmap of the aircraft. Xiaomi would also play the card of the competitor ready to pull the market prices down, setting the price list of its collapsible model at 999 euros.
It would be, in short, two times cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, introduced at 2000 euros. The Huawei Mate X, for its part, climbs to 2229 euros. The Mi Fold / Flex would be in fact in the same basket as high-end smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 + (1009 euros), iPhone XS (1158 euros) or the Huawei Mate 20 Pro (999 euros). This tariff positioning could thus overshadow Samsung and Huawei.
To save money, Samsung would have been dismissed
According to Igyaan, Xiaomi would have used the expertise of Visionox to design the famous foldable screens, a cheaper player in terms of production costs than the specialist Samsung. The flexible smartphone of the firm of the Middle Kingdom is distinguished by its mode of operation: doubly foldable, as seen on the concept.
However, it will take patience to be able to draw the true from the false in this case. Igyaan is not (at least for the moment) a reputable source. Everything must be taken with caution and measure.

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