Xiaomi imagines a smartphone with a notch at the bottom, in a patent

In a patent, Xiaomi imagined a smartphone hit a notch on the chin to accommodate two photo sensors.
The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, for illustration
For a company, a patent is an opportunity to give free rein to one's imagination and protect the concept of product envisaged in case it would one day materialize. Today, it is on a project of Xiaomi that we will look.
In a patent spotted, once is not customary, by LetsGoDigital, the Chinese firm has thought of a smartphone with two front cameras integrated in a notch. So far nothing very atypical. Except that said notch is placed at the bottom of the screen as can be seen in the diagram below.

This aesthetic detail poses several software questions. The first obviously concerns navigation in the interface. If the user opts for a classic bar at the bottom of the screen, the Home button is corrupted here. If he chooses gesture navigation, some interactions require a sliding of the thumb from the bottom to the center.
Another concept, two notches
It is interesting to note that another diagram of Xiaomi shows a concept of smartphone with also two photo sensors in front, but this time, the two objectives are separated and lodge in the lower left and right angles.

At present, it is obviously impossible to predict whether these devices will really come into being. Recall that Xiaomi had already placed the front photo sensor down on its first Mi Mix, but the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 marked a significant change with the arrival of the slider.

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