Xiaomi Mi 8 to 336 euro, Mi 8 Lite to 190 euros and Mi A2 to 164 euros on GearBest

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    Once again, GearBest is steeped in promotions. On the agenda today, many Xiaomi devices at low prices. Find the Mi 8, Mi A2 and even a drone with a 4K camera at the best prices.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 at 336 euros
The Xiaomi Mi 8 is the high-end and versatile smartphone of the Chinese brand. Despite a rather classic design, it embeds all the elements to make this model an excellent vintage. For example, Xiaomi chose the AMOLED for its screen, and it succeeded: the slab of 6.22 inches is well calibrated and bright. On the performance side, count on the Snapdradron 845 associated with 6 GB of RAM for a completely smooth experience, even with gourmet applications.

Why is this product recommended?
A sober but elegant design, for a thin phone
A double photo sensor very effective
Swift like lightning
Thanks to the code GBMPO9IK, you can find the Xiaomi Mi 8 for 336 euros on GearBest. A case for a phone equipped with Snapdragon 845.
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Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 64 and 128 GB from 190 euros
If the power of the Snapdragon 845 is not a really convincing argument for you, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is also a very good phone. It takes more or less the same design as its big brother, the Mi 8, while proposing a lightened but sufficient version of the components. His greatest asset is his autonomy, which will keep the phone awake a whole day without flinching.

Why is this product recommended?
Beautiful photos when conditions are good
A beautiful design, nice in hand
Very enduring
You can find this Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite on sale on GearBest in two different storage capacities. Count 190 euros for the version 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space with GBMPLKJU code. For the version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space, it will cost 228 euros thanks to GBMP9JU code.
             Find the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 4 + 64 GB on GearBest
             Find the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 6 + 128 GB on GearBest
The Xiaomi Mi A2 at 164 euros
If you only swear by a pure Android interface and Google Pixels remain out of reach for your budget, then the Xiaomi Mi A2 is the best alternative. This phone belongs to the Android One program, guaranteeing updates and pure interface. Besides, it is already running Android Pie. The rest of the data sheet is also very good, since it makes no major concessions.

Why is this product recommended?
Beautiful photos when it's daytime
Pure Android, simple but effective
Snapdragon 660 for a smooth experience in many applications
Already having an excellent value for money, the Xiaomi Mi A2 becomes even more interesting when it is on sale. Find it at a price of 164 euros on GearBest with GBMPGTY code.
             Find the Xiaomi Mi A2 on GearBest
The Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite at 146 euros
This Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is the light version of the model presented above. It is equipped with a processor a bit less powerful, the Snapdragon 625, but still effective enough for ordinary mortals. Another difference, the screen is here cut by a notch. Aside from these items, these two phones are pretty similar. It is therefore a matter of taste (and price) to differentiate them.

Why is this product recommended?
Excellent value for money
A champion of autonomy
A pretty good screen for this price
Thanks to the code GBMPO098, the price of this Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite goes down to 148 euros on GearBest.
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The Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE drone at 390 euros
This Xiaomi drone is very complete for its price. It is equipped with a 12 megapixel Sony IMX378 sensor capable of shooting up to 4K at 30 frames per second. He has an autonomy of 33 minutes, which makes him a good student of endurance. Finally, it comes with a remote control plugging into your smartphone, to control the real-time drone and display on the screen what the sensor sees.

Why is this product recommended?
Lightweight, it is very compact when folded
Comprehensive video features
A very good autonomy in flight
This Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE drone is very affordable compared to the competition. Find it at 390 euros on GearBest with the code GBFIMIX8SE.
             Find the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE drone on GearBest

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