Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro: a look of AirPods with a greater autonomy 3x

Xiaomi introduces its new true wireless headphones, the Mi AirDots Pro. Taking the design so special Apple AirPods, these headphones nevertheless offer a much greater autonomy than what is currently in the trade.

At the end of the year 2018, Xiaomi unveiled the AirDots Youth Edition, true wireless headphones proposed for thirty euros only. Only two months later, on the sidelines of CES 2019, Xiaomi unveils a new model that is much closer to the market leaders, the Apple AirPods.
By adopting their stem design falling on the lobe of the ear, these new AirDots Pro are clearly targeting Apple's flagship headphones already copied by others. However, they are different on the points that will matter most to a wide range of users: price and autonomy.
A bit heavier than the AirDots Youth Edition (5.8 g per earpiece instead of 4.2 g), the AirDots Pro – or Mi Wireless Earpods Air – are IPX4 certified (splash and rain resistant), feature a touch interface to control your music, pick up a call or launch the voice assistant, and integrate an active noise reduction system for calls. Unlike the model of late 2018 however, they are not compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, but with Bluetooth 4.2. They still support AAC codecs.
Record autonomy
Xiaomi announces a 10 hours of continuous listening time for its AirDots Pro on a single charge, which is more than twice the AirDots (4 hours of listening), and more than three times what the AirPods offer. Apple (about 3 hours). In addition, 10 minutes of charge are enough to make enough autonomy to enjoy 70 minutes of use.

Of course, these headphones are compatible with iOS and Android (and any device compatible with Bluetooth 4.2, such as a PC for example) and are offered with a storage box USB-C able to fully charge the headphones 2 times. Finally, each earphone can operate independently.
Price and availability date
The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro will be available January 11 in China at 399 yuan, or about 51 euros (excluding taxes). With the presence of Xiaomi in France, we can expect a launch at home later in the year, but the price may be obviously a little higher because of logistical costs and taxes.

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