Xiaomi Mi TV 4X Pro and 4A Pro: the TV 4K HDR from 40 000 rupees (490 euros)

Xiaomi has unveiled two new TVs. One full HD of 43 inches and the other 4K HDR of 55 inches. Both have an unbeatable price.

Xiaomi is known for having a complete ecosystem. Although the brand is known in France primarily for its smartphones, it also designs many other objects, from the toothbrush connected to the scale through the electric bike, the scooter, the rice cooker or the TV.
It's been a year since Xiaomi launched its Mi LED TV 4 in India and the Chinese manufacturer has just unveiled two new models, planned for the same market, Mi TV 4X Pro and Mi TV 4A Pro.
Two sizes, two definitions
The main difference between the two models is at the diagonal screen and the slab used. The Mi LED TV Smart 4A Pro (its full name) is a 43-inch screen in Full HD 1080p while the Mi LED TV Smart 4X Pro is a 55-inch Ultra HD (4K). The latter is also compatible with the HDR10 standard (not HDR10 +).
The second difference concerns the memory of the two devices. The Mi TV 4X Pro comes with 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage while its 43-inch version offers only 1 GB of RAM (and 8 GB of storage). There are also other small nuances, such as WiFi (dual-band on the 55 ", limited to 2.4 GHz on the 43").
Apart from that, both TVs share the same 64-bit Amlogic graphics processor, a similar design, as well as 2 speakers each 10W.
Price and availability
The Xiaomi Mi TV 4X Pro and Mi TV 4A Pro will be available in India from January 15th. For the price, count 40 000 rupees for the model 4K HDR (about 490 euros without taxes) and 23 000 rupees for the model Full HD (about 280 euros without taxes).
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