Xiaomi Mint Browser: a new light and fast web browser on Android

Xiaomi has launched a new web browser named Mint. It is particularly light and fast, but also "the safest to visit Google and Facebook."

If Google Chrome is installed on Android smartphones with Google Play Services, there are many alternatives on the Google Play Store. Brave, Firefox, Kiwi, Opera … the choice is vast and becomes a little more with the appearance of Mint, the new browser developed by Xiaomi.
The Chinese manufacturer offers many smartphones, especially on the entry and mid-range. Mint is particularly thought for them since it wants light and fast from the top of its 11 MB. All its features are also aimed at improving the experience in this sense.
                        The famous Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has its own browser for download. It is light, fast, but also very functional …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Light and fast
                                                                An effective night mode
                                                                The ability to choose your User Agent
So we find an incognito mode, a night mode, or a function of reducing consumption. The icing on the cake, it is possible to manage the User Agent browser to display a page in its Android version, PC, iPhone or iPad. Contrary to what the English name of the application suggests ("Mint Browser – Lite, Fast Web, Safe, AdFree"), Mint does not have a default ad blocker.
Always some questions
Mint is also said to be "the most secure way to visit Google and Facebook," without actually arguing this point. We do not know yet how is managed the privacy on this browser. This is all the more problematic since the application requires from its launch many permissions to access your phone dialer, your contacts, your location or the storage space of your phone.
As AndroidPolice recalls, Xiaomi is also known for integrating ads into its system, on smartphones like TVs. One can therefore legitimately wonder if advertisements will not appear on this browser in the future.
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