Xiaomi Pocophone F1 at 254 euros, Mi 8 Pro at 441 euros and Android TV box Beelink GT1 at 61 euros on GearBest

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    For this holiday season, GearBest offers a new salvo of promotions from which we have selected the most relevant products to present. Find, for example, the Xiaomi Pocophone F1, the Mi 8 Pro or a box Android TV Beelink GT1 at very good prices.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 at 254 euros
The announcement of this newcomer at Xiaomi had made a stir during his announcement: this phone has a new identity focusing primarily on performance. This Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is probably the smartphone equipped with the Snapdragon 855 the cheapest on the market. Especially since its processor is very well optimized, making this phone one of the most powerful of the year. Another important asset: its 4000 mAh battery offers a wonderful autonomy.

Why is this product recommended?
Performance never seen for this price
A good LCD IPS screen, customizable thanks to the MIUI interface
A monstrous autonomy
Already the king of performance at low prices, you can find the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 promotion on GearBest at a price of 254 euros thanks to the code GBMPSD9.
             Find the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 on GearBest
The Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro at 441 euros
Just as powerful as its little brother the Pocophone F1, this Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro also has other advantages. We can not miss out on its design, including its transparent back, revealing (fake) internal components. It also has a beautiful 6.21-inch OLED screen, which hides a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen. Finally, its dual 12 megapixel rear photo sensor is able to take excellent photos, especially in daylight.

Why is this product recommended?
An original design that plays on transparency
A high performance smartphone for a perfectly fluid use
The OLED screen, excellent when you touch a little calibration settings
Find this Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro for 441 euros on GearBest, thanks to the promo code GBMPMPR.
             Find the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro on GearBest
The Xiaomi "choker" Bluetooth headphones at 49 euros
With the gradual disappearance of the jack of our phones, the transition to a Bluetooth audio system seems inevitable. But if you can not stand the helmets and are afraid of losing your earbuds, then this Xiaomi reference is for you. These in-ear headphones are lightweight (40 grams) and comfortable: thanks to the design "choker", do not be afraid to drop them when you play sports.

Why is this product recommended?
The perfect hybrid between Bluetooth and wired
In-ear, they isolate well external sounds
"Have not you seen my second earpiece? I lost it I think "
These Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones are available at a price of 49 euros on GearBest with code HHMF6UW41KTR4.
The broom vacuum cleaner Alfawise at 97 euros
Finished pulling the sled of your vacuum cleaner with its cables that wrap around your table. Vacuum Alfawise Wireless Brush. It is very practical in everyday life because you can start it in a few seconds after having pulled it from its wall support, provided in the box. This device puts a lot on its accessories: it comes with a floor brush, a special brush for sofas, carpets and curtains and a long and thin tube for inaccessible places. It can also turn into a table vacuum very easily.

Why is this product recommended?
The practicality of the wireless broom vacuum cleaner
The range of accessories provided makes it very versatile
A battery sufficient to suck, without charging, your home (except if it is a castle)
This Alfawise vacuum cleaner, reference FJ-166A, is on sale at a price of 97 euros on GearBest.
             Find the Alfawise Wireless Broom Vacuum on GearBest
The Android TV Beelink GT1 box at 61 euros
This small box can make your TV smart and connected to the Internet if it is not already! Indeed, the box Beelink GT1 is installed on Android TV, and can therefore run Android applications directly on your TV. Netflix, Molotov, Youtube, etc. : the list is long. Especially since this box can broadcast images up to 4K definition, and it is compatible with HDR technology. To refine it, you can connect Bluetooth speakers to your Beelink GT1 to enhance the sound experience.

Why is this product recommended?
To connect your TV to the Internet and enjoy your favorite apps
Light and compact: 10 centimeters long and wide for a weight of 500 grams
Many connectors: USB 2.0, HDMI, optical audio output, Ethernet, microSD, etc …
Also on sale flash, find the Beelink GT1 at a price of 61 euros on GearBest.
             Find the Beelink GT1 on GearBest


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