Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2: new Snapdragon 675 and 48 megapixel sensor in approach

Xiaomi starts teasing around a future Redmi Pro 2. This would be the smartphone equipped with a famous 48 megapixel sensor, and have the new Snapdragon 675 from Qualcomm.
Photo of Redmi Note 5 Pro, for illustration
Xiaomi made a very strong impression this year by entering the French market. His early fans, however, knew what to expect, the brand is famous in import before even arriving officially.
It seems that for 2019, the Chinese manufacturer wants to hit hard on the entry level. After a first teaser, we learned that a 48 megapixel sensor could be attached to a future Redmi. More information is coming to us now.
The Redmi Pro 2 and its Snapdragon 675
Two teasers have appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo, although their provenance has yet to be determined. On these, we can see the mention of a future "Redmi Pro 2".
More interesting, the latter would be powered by the Snapdragon 675, presumed to be the best mid-range SoC Qualcomm for 2019. However, other information suggested that this SoC would be present alongside the 48-megapixel photo sensor: all binds to determine that the Redmi Pro 2 would be this device.
It must be said that the first generation Redmi Pro was the first to integrate a dual photo sensor on the side of Xiaomi. Thus, it would not be surprising that the Chinese brand once again entrusted the task of introducing a new technology to this range.

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