Your Steam games on Android? It's possible in streaming with Steam Link Anywhere

Valve has just updated its Steam Link application to enter the cloud gaming market. Now it's possible to stream games from your Steam library to your Android smartphone from anywhere with Steam Link Anywhere.

Google wants to do cloud gaming. Microsoft wants to do cloud gaming on mobile. Shadow already offers cloud computing on smartphones. The offers are multiplying and gradually draw the future of mobile gaming. By deporting computing power, mobile gaming seems to have infinite possibilities.
Valve, the American video game giant, obviously could not miss this opportunity. That's why he just launched Steam Link Anywhere.
Your games available everywhere
Steam is a platform originally designed for PCs, allowing to find in the same place all its toy library. Then came Steam Link, a way to stream games from a PC to another device on the same local network. What play your games on your smartphone at the bottom of your bed.
As its name implies, Steam Link Anywhere makes it possible to overcome the constraint of the local network and to stream its games "anywhere".
                        The Steam Link app lets you play all your Steam games on your Android tablet or smartphone.
To be able to use your …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Play all your Steam games on your mobile device
                                                                A real PC gaming experience on Android
                                                                Play where you want at home
For this to work, you will need several elements:
A PC with a good uplink connection
The Steam beta client in its version of March 13 or later
The Steam Link application (beta) above
A good downlink on your smartphone
However, the function is still in beta and may be unstable.
                        The famous PC video game shop has its official application on Android and iOS. Beyond the purchase of games, this application …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Enjoy Steam sales from anywhere
                                                                Chat with his Steam friends
                                                                Securing the account with Steam Guard

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