YouTube Music Now Available on Sonos Speakers

YouTube Music is finally starting to be integrated with other services. The Sonos app, which allows you to launch any sound from any platform on the speakers of the brand, announced today its compatibility.

Legal music streaming services are becoming more and more popular, and the fight is fierce to succeed in taking the place of number 1 at Spotify. Google had started this competition with Play Music, but was not as successful as expected.
However, he had for him YouTube, his video-on-demand platform that quickly became one of the favorite ways for users to find their music. That's why he eventually created YouTube Music, which will replace Play Music in the future. However, not everything is fully integrated yet.
YouTube Music integrates with Sonos
A news in this sense comes to us: Sonos now integrates the new music platform into its application. This will allow you to listen to all YouTube content including remixes, live performances and covers available on the platform, directly on your Sonos products.
Already compatible with many different services, including Spotify and Apple Music, the Sonos Library is getting even better with Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscribers. For YouTube Music, it's a new opportunity to compete with the much older, and therefore better integrated competitors in the marketplace.
All that remains is a few improvements in its service and application, which are fortunately in the process of being developed, to make sure everyone agrees. Let's hope, however, that this is not too late for YouTube Music, which has not yet fully convinced.
                        A single application to find all YouTube music videos, but also custom playlists and audio versions of YouTube.
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        All the music of Youtube in one app
                                                                Recommendations for discovering music
                                                                Listen to tracks and watch clips

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