YouTube Music will play local files, with some limitations

YouTube Music is close to closing its first year, but a feature is still missing: reading files stored locally. A decompilation of the APK showed a few months ago that this feature was approaching. The latest update teaches us a little more about some limitations.

The long-awaited feature of playing local files on YouTube Music should not be long. It's already been several months since APK comps show lines of code proving that the player should definitely replace Google Play Music by integrating this option.
But all is not rosy and the arrival of this possibility of reading will not be without limitations. Our 9to5Google peers have decompiled APK 3.09 from YouTube Music and have discovered some problems reading local files in certain situations.
No Google Cast
Like on Google Play Music, we will not be able to cast files stored locally. It will be necessary to go through an audio file available online, either in the catalog of YouTube Music, or by a file that will have been uploaded when the option will be available. Google Cast does not work like AirPlay that sends the audio stream from the smartphone to the device that will be used to broadcast the sound; the Mountain View system works by sending a link from the file to the streamer to the broadcaster. When you want to cast a YouTube Music sound, Google Cast will not play the sound from your smartphone, but will go to YouTube Music's servers to search for the music in question.
No playlist mixing local and streaming
Here it's a bit more complex because it's a feature available on Google Play Music that will not be deliberately played in YouTube Music. It will not be possible to create a playlist or queue containing files that will be stored locally and others from the streaming service catalog.
The most likely assumption is again to avoid some problems with Google Cast that would be forced to skip sounds in the queue or playlist. This problem would not be dramatic and preventing users from creating playlists mixing two sources to prevent certain sounds from being skipped while playing Google Cast seems pretty extreme.
Some users complain because it really handicaps the user experience, because if you listen to a sound file stored locally, it should be stopped completely and then launch a sound available on the streaming catalog, even when you want to not cast the sound.
It will be necessary to wait for the definitive implementation of the feature of reading of local files to see if these problems will be settled. In the meantime, you can still sign up for YouTube Music and enjoy this Google Play Music subscription as well.
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