YouTube wants to fact-check your search results

Google has been facing for months the popularity of conspiracy videos or spreading false information on YouTube. Against this, the firm is changing the search engine of the service.

The subject of spreading false information on the Internet is undoubtedly the most important issue facing democracies for many years.
Social networks, be it Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube must also deal with this issue, since this propagation can be facilitated by the algorithms set up by these companies.
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A fact-check integrated into the search
The Mashable site reports that YouTube is deploying a new information pane integrated into its search engine. It allows to recall the facts about a subject, even before access to videos. Thus a search for "virus in paracetamol" recalls that some argue that paracetamol tablets with P-500 writing would be dangerous. The sign indicates that it is a hoax, a false information.
The example given by YouTube
For now, this first step seems limited to English and Hindi. Hard to know when this function could arrive in France. We can notice that a link is integrated in the information panel, it refers to a video on the subject coming from an eligible channel chosen by YouTube. It remains to be hoped that the channels in question will be correctly selected.
It is unclear whether these measures will be sufficient to contain the problem.

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