YouTube wants to make you go from one video to another more easily

Scroll through videos as you would scroll through the pages of a book or meetings on Tinder? This is what YouTube provides with its new swipe navigation to change video with a simple swipe of the finger on the screen.

When you're done watching a video on YouTube, you're more likely to close the app, go back to the home, or click on the proposals to jump from one video to the other and get lost in the video. the meanders of the video service? To make sure that you are more of the last category, Google has devised a new way to make you want to stay on the app.
According to TechCrunch, YouTube plans to allow the transition to the next video a simple swipe of finger on the screen. By swiping the video that you are watching as you would scan a Tinder profile that does not interest you, you will switch to the next video in the playlist. One way to avoid losing attention when videographers leave a little too much time at the end of the video, for credits, or just to let appear a little longer the button "Subscribe".
A safety net
With this new navigation, Google says it is as easy to go back, a swipe to the right, than to move to the next video (swipe to the left). In case of error, it will be easy to resume playback of his video, exactly when you cut it by sliding accidentally on the touch surface of your smartphone.
This new feature should appear on the iPhone this week. For the moment, however, no date has been announced by Google regarding the Android version of the YouTube application.
Of course, we invite you to try this new feature as soon as it's available on FrAndroid's YouTube channel to see all our videos!
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