Best Android Games 2021

There are thousands of apps available on the Google Play Store, and the majority of them are games. Indeed gaming apps can be such popular that they’re the first tab that you will see when you launch the application.

If you’re searching for the top games available in Google Play Store, you’ve found the right spot. To make it simple to locate, we’ve split the listing into 8 categories. You will find a convenient list that takes you directly to the category that you want to visit.

If you’re brand new to Android and require some new exciting games to begin developing the Google Play library or simply searching for the most recent and trendy games that merit your attention and time The following are the best Android games available in the present.

While mobile devices don’t have the huge backlog and experience of RPGs like consoles and PCs do, however, there are some notable ones you can play on your smartphone. Certain classics have been ported to the touchscreen, whereas some are exclusive to the mobile platform. These are time-suckers that are, in no way, untrue and are worth the price.


If you loved Diablo II, then there’s an AnimA clone available for Android for gamers. AnimA is an action-based RPG hack-n’-slash game that brings back many memories of Diablo all the way to its font. It has the classic camera angle isometric as well as loot and dark fantasy settings.

I’ve only just begun the game this week and I’m already addicted; this idea came from our very Daniel Bader, our own Daniel and I was awestruck by immediately. It’s a game that is free to play with microtransactions. However, it is like Path of Exile, where you don’t have to pay for them and you’re able to enjoy the game at your own pace.

I am a huge fan of ARPGs I love ARPGs, and AnimA is perfect for me. It allows me to get the game when I’m not connected to my computer (and that’s why it’s Grim Dawn). Try it out and test it out to see if it’s a good fit for you and you’ve got no risk.


Atom can be described as a classic CRPG that has echoes of classics such as Fallout or Fallout 2. This game is set in the post-apocalyptic Soviet wilderness and is set to create a compelling and interesting story with excellent quests and dialog. It’s an arduous game, however, I found it more enjoyable as opposed to constant movement. The ability to slow down and think about your options is a good choice in my opinion.

The game allows you to design your character however you like, which is the hallmark of an excellent RPG. It’s a great game that is worth a look particularly if you loved the classics of the 90s or early 2000s. It has a long-running time (an advertised 60hours plus of content) as well as a lot of variety in the build to make follow-up playthroughs enjoyable.

Combat is turn-based, and it requires several excellent strategies. The writing is funny and the environment is both savage and inviting which has made me enjoy my time playing Atom to date. The product is priced at a premium cost, but that implies that there is no shady monetization scam.

Battle Chasers Night War

BattleChasers nightwear has been awarded as an award-winning JRPG that provides one of the most comprehensive mobile RPG experiences you can experience. And it’s fully featured in that there aren’t in-app purchases or DLC purchased to fret about. Hallelujah!

Everything in this game is flawless and complete It begins with a thriving world packed with hidden dungeons to explore and huge bosses to be defeated and many more surprises to discover on the way.

The turn-based battle system is influenced by the best games that you’ve come across in the JRPG genre and is a great experience for casual fans like me. In addition to the vast and expansive world which is brimming with enemies to fight with, there are extensive crafting tools to upgrade your team’s weapons, armors as well as the most magical jewelry. An RPG can only be as great as its story and characters. Given the fact that this game is inspired by an illustrated novel with the same title and has well-developed characters as well as a captivating story.

The story follows the young girl Gully and her journey on the search for her father who has been missing for a long time, Aramus. Aramus was a hero for the community, but he did not return after launching the Grey Line which is a nearly impenetrable barrier of mist that surrounds their home and from which there has been no return after being apart. Aramus left behind a collection of magical gauntlets believed to confer unimaginable powers on the wearer. Gully must master the gauntlets of her father while embarking on her own thrilling journey across the Grey Line to find out the truth about the final mission of her father.

Gully is supported by a cast that includes Knowlan the elderly mage who travels with Calibretto the ancient war golem designed to fight that evolved his own sense of self and emotions and who is able to kick in the back to defend his fellows.

There’s Garrison Paladin, a Paladin who has a relationship with Aramus and is compelled to defend Gully on her way, and finally, Red Monika, a rebellious outlaw who is able to walk the line between both good and evil. The game is worth looking into if an avid player of BattleChasers or is searching for a new RPG to play.

Death Way to Canada

Death Road to Canada is a game that costs $10 I’d like to begin with that to eliminate the sticker shock of the way before I go on to talk about how amazing this game is.

Faced with a zombie apocalypse you’ll have to lead a scruffy team of intriguing characters on a dangerous journey to reach the relatively safest place in Canada. On your journey, you’ll have to search and find places for supplies while also taking care of the health of your crew and their morale.

All of the content in Death Road towards Canada is generated randomly each playthrough is distinct in this exciting road trip action RPG. You can generate randomly your characters and friends or create your characters’ starting points with different characteristics to keep them alive. But, you shouldn’t want to be too dependent unless you’re a great shot.

The controls aren’t easy to master, but they do take some time to master, and there’s a steep learning curve when you discover the best weapons to use and at what times to run or fight. You’ll die frequently and in a hurry, but that’s the whole point of a zombie apocalypse isn’t it?

There’s a ton of depth to the game, which includes 10 game modes you can unlock. The cost might be to be a bit high for some, but if you are interested in Rogue-like zombie games you’ll be glad of investing in it!

Evoland 1 and 2

Yes, I realize I’m cheating here, however, both Evoland games are so great games that I decided to put them into one article. In addition to classic RPGs, the Evolands represent the majority of the time I’ve spent on mobile games. Each one takes players through the game’s history, growing and evolving as you move through the game. It’s a unique approach to show an action-adventure certainly.

There’s plenty of fun Easter eggs, humor, along with general reference to the fantastic games of the past which have helped define this genre of entertainment. It’s a journey from 2D monochrome, to 3D real-time combat as you advance by unlocking the latest technology in gaming that alters the way you play. It’s hard to find something as distinctive as these.

With prices of $0.99 and $3.99 and $3.99, respectively, Evoland and Evoland 2 are definitely worthy of being part of your library if 1. need something to spend lots of time into and 2. are a fan of video games as a form of art and would like to play something that reflects its origins.

Forgotton Anne

If you’ve always wanted to play the Studio Ghibli game on your phone and tablet, then Forgotten Anne was meant for you. With a full orchestrated soundtrack, stunningly hand-drawn scenes as well as stunning animations, and a great voice actor This RPG adventure game is a cut above all the other indie game markets.

Forgotten Anne is the story of already knew, Anne. A young girl living in a realm of lost things, Anne must make her way through a city of chaos to stop a rebellion eruption. The game will rely on a mysterious life-giving power called Arca to regulate your energy flow in order to solve puzzles and make your way through a dull town that is soaked with rain for eternity.

The platforms aren’t without a few annoyances however it’s worth it to be able to watch this story unfold. It’s a good 2 to 3 hours of play, it’s best to play over a couple of sessions to maximize the enjoyment of this thrilling experience.

There aren’t any ads or in-app purchases within Forgotten Anne, but if you’d like for the game to be played in full you’ll need to shell out $6.99 when the free demo period expires. But, Forgotten Anne recently joined Play Pass so that subscribers are able to download it no cost!

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact sort of came out of thin air. It draws obvious inspiration from Breath of the Wild but adds the addition of an “anime” twist. A Chinese studio designed the game and it’s highly rated. The most appealing thing is that it has cross-save support to allow you to enjoy the game on your computer, pull up your mobile, and then play from in the same place you had left off. The PS4 isn’t able to support cross-save however.

Genshin Impact is an action RPG that has fantastic elements of combat as well as a fun party system. It is necessary to change characters regularly to ensure the best results in combat. The world of open space is gorgeous and full of activities to take part in as well as resources to locate and monsters to take down.

I’d say that the most significant drawback for Genshin Impact is monetization. The game uses gacha mechanics to make you purchase more characters, weapons, and so on. However, I understand that there’s plenty of money to be made from the most popular games.

There are many opportunities to boost your stats Of course. The game is a huge issue at the moment and I’m only scratching the surface. Try it on your smartphone or computer (or PS4, but you aren’t able to cross-save) and then see your thoughts. I was amazed.

The Sky Children of the Light

There aren’t any release dates that are staggered that span Android and iOS nowadays however Sky: Children of the Light was delayed for nearly an entire year to make it onto the previous. This is a good thing as it’s a fun game. It’s worth the effort in order to take in the stunning artwork, the stunning world, and relaxing adventures.

It’s difficult to define Sky However, I’ll try to be brief. After a few minutes of playing the game, you’ll realize that the game’s focus is exploring and socializing. Your objective is to discover lost stars and bring them back to their constellations. They will give you new information and you learn from them. There’s no battle in Sky which means that anyone is free to jump into the game without tension. The sky is a relaxing game that offers plenty of challenges for avid gamers and plenty to look at for casual gamers.

Sky’s most appealing feature is its artistic style the world design, art style, and gameplay and all of them are absolutely amazing. The character you play as has an elongated cape that is a kind of thing you can use to glide, fly and reach places where a jump of a single foot can’t. The set pieces that are displayed are the best on Android and create such an awe-inspiring feeling that I almost forgot to capture images. It comes with a range of graphic options however I decided to use 60 frames per second to ensure that the images I saw were moving as fluidly as it could.

In the end, I’d say that Sky has the most flaws. The sky is the fact that it’s extremely demanding on your smartphone. It was extremely hot on my OnePlus 6 heated up like insane as did the Pixel 4 XL wasn’t much better than the OnePlus 6 or 4 XL. Microtransactions are also available to purchase Candles which are essential items in the game. The in-game currency is known as Hearts that lets you can purchase accessories for your characters. I’ve spent some time in the past but haven’t spent one cent, which means they’re not out of the ordinary.


From the bizarre but brilliant brain that is Yoko Taro, who is of Drakengard as well as NieR fame The result is SINoALICE, a mobile-friendly RPG that has a dark fairytale twist. Released through Square Enix, SINoALICE is an online game with a gotcha, like Fire Emblem Heroes, with stunning artwork and plenty to gather. As an RPG it has different classes and weapons, armors, and accessories that every player can equip, as well as certain items they can’t because their classes don’t match the other classes.

The music is top-quality. The eerie tones will make you think of the music of NieR Automata (if you played the game) It’s because it’s by the same composer! It’s true, I enjoy sitting on your main menu, and listening to the music. I haven’t really done that since the first Halo when it was in its OG Xbox days.

Combat is a fast and intense race. I prefer to consider these as time trials where you need to think quickly. There’s no time to think about your strategy however, you’ll get better as you progress. Good reflexes are helpful also. Similar to Fire Emblem, there’s a system of weaknesses in weaponry and elemental which you must play too.

Every character is well-known from fairytales, such as Alice, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and so on. These characters have their own tales which you can progress through with the aim of bringing back the creator of each character’s tale.

Of course, as this is an online game that is free to play and published by Square Enix, there are numerous microtransactions that can be used as the game’s currency. They’re not as prominent in your face as the other games listed here However, you’ve been warned.

There’s also a NieR Automata cross-over event coming on, and a RepliCant one scheduled later in the year.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

It was difficult to pick the one RPG that I would like to include on this list as we have many options to pick from. In the end, I chose Knights of the Old Republic also known as KOTOR for this list. First of all, Star Wars is a hugely well-known franchise and I’m convinced that this game is worth trying if you like the universe. It was created by BioWare at the time of its peak, KOTOR is a fantastic story.

If I go any further I’m worried that I’ll go in the way of spoilers and will just leave the discussion at this. KOTOR is considered to be one of the top RPGs ever made and I’d not be able to argue with that. It was ported to Android through the people of Aspyr, KOTOR has new gameplay on mobile and even though it’s expensive to play, however, it’s well worth it. From the story to the battle the game as well as its follow-up are the most enjoyable Star Wars games ever made.

It supports gamepads along with achievements and a redesigned UI made specifically for touchscreens. It’s a great port and I’ve not had any issues during the time I’ve played it. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, do yourself a favor and play KOTOR.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

Then there were two. The surprise of the team at Aspyr comes Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. It’s my personal top Star Wars game of all time and also one of my absolute favorite RPGs. It’s a fantastic game with lots of depth, amazing storytelling, and classic Star Wars action.

This game has been out for quite a while, and it appears to be however, the amount of time you spend playing this game will make forget about the outdated graphics. It’s slow to start until you’re accustomed to the way it works and you’re not receiving your first lightsaber anytime soon However, there are still many weapons (plus Force abilities) to utilize against your adversaries. You can choose to follow either the Light as well as the Dark or even try to balance both as your choices are liable to have consequences for the rest of your life.

Overall it’s not just a classic, it’s also a great Android port as well. It’s still based on its PC counterpart, however, it’s designed for mobile devices. There are graphics options as well. It’s a little expensive for a mobile game but it’s a must-play for those who love Star Wars.

Tickets to Earth

The Ticket to Earth is a unique mix of a puzzle game that matches tiles mixed with turn-based strategy elements. The story-driven RPG puts players in the shoes of four characters who fight to survive in an unresting space colony. The story unfolds in comic book cutscenes in the style of comic books, telling the player the players that New Providence is on the edge of collapse as social disparities are raging, as thousands seek out tickets to the spaceship that will bring them back to Earth.

The captivating storyline is the main factor in Ticket to Earth and the gameplay is excellent on its own. Combat is played out on an array of colored tiles, each that corresponds to the abilities of your character. You move across the board by drawing lines of one color however, your line could be longer if your tiles could link to one another, including diagonals. While you traverse tiles, you test your skills and attempt to place yourself strategically across the board, in relation to your adversaries.

The game is quite challenging, but you could even make it more difficult to achieve bonus objectives each time you play. You also have a wide range of skills you can acquire as well as passive skills you can apply to create characters that are suited to your style of play. The game Ticket to Earth costs $4.99 through Google Play, but it’s absolutely free if you own a Play Pass. With the potential for 20+ hours of the game, this comparatively low cost is well worth it for a great experience.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest originally came out in 2006 and was able to fill the gap created by Diablo II prior to when Diablo III was released. It’s an isometric RPG that has lots of loot and monsters to take down and stunning vistas to take in. There’s an online community for it on PC and thanks to Titan Quest Anniversary Edition from THQ Nordic’s Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, Android gamers can enjoy this awesome game because of the port of the game for a couple of years in the past.

You’re a hero with no name newly arrived at the coast of Helos in Greece the village is being ravaged by wild beasts and creatures from folklore and fairytales. After you have saved your village from destruction, go off to find the legendary Leonidas and leave the rest up to you to explore. You’ll discover a lot of the world’s ancient civilizations.

The game is a long time long, exciting, and packed with loot to hunt. Within just a few hours after starting you’ll be a superhero capable of destroying any obstacle in your path and look stunning. Titan Quest features a dual custom build system, which means that you can mix two disciplines to build your own mini-god. If loot is only half the excitement to Titan Quest, the other is actually finding the right most suitable build for your style of play.

I’d say this version from Titan Quest has two major negatives. It’s not part of Titan Quest’s Anniversary Edition for starters and consequently doesn’t include all of the latest content (extra expansions and specialties) and the quality of life enhancements. Additionally, it’s not compatible with controllers as well as the touch controls may feel awkward at times. It’s still an excellent port of one of my most loved games and certainly deserves to be included in this list.


Sometimes, your view isn’t in line with others but that’s okay sometimes. As is the case with V4 This is a great game that I enjoy, but it also has many sour 1-star reviews on the Play Store at the moment of writing. I’ve put more than 10 hours of gameplay to date I’m not a fan of some of the criticisms because the majority of them appear to be related to technical issues during the launch that including server issues and character creation issues.

Published by Nexon I was cautious and a little skeptical about V4. I was pleasantly surprised. V4 is a dark-fantasy MMO featuring beautiful artwork, beautiful graphics, and a decent character creator with six classes to pick from, and the option to choose between auto-play (similar to idle clicking) and manual play as in a traditional MMO. However, the voices and dialogue are rather grouchy and I’m not a fan of most audio effects. Dual pistols of the My Gunslinger, as well as rifle, should be loud and not sound like they’re slapping enemies for instance.

In other words, it’s a typical MMO standard. You’ll have a character level which is what determines your stats. levels for extra stats to which you can give up a gear to improve, as well as a variety of daily tasks and feats to be completed. There are a variety of mounts to display and various pets that give bonus features such as XP boosts.

I don’t think V4 is revolutionary as an MMO however I do enjoy it because it is mobile and completely free to play. Since it’s just been launched, there are some issues with the initial launch that are expected. A few players have complained (via one-star ratings) of login problems, full servers, and issues with getting the character creator to start up. While playing I have never experienced one problem.

Vampire: The Masquerade -Night Road Night Road

In Night Road You are the vampire courier who drives across the American Southwest delivering goods and messages to vampire top-levels. In addition, vampires are looking for you, but you must battle the dawn on your journey to your destination. However, ultimately you define your character in the way you want.

Fans of the World Of Darkness IP Vampire The Masquerade have plenty to look forward to. As we wait for Bloodlines 2, we have something that will keep us entertained. The game is called Night Road, this game is a completely text-based game where your choices count. Also, the writing is fantastic while the actual game is enormous with a six million word count (give the game ago).

In light of the sheer size of the game as well as the variety of options you have to choose from, Night Road is a fantastic text-based adventure that is enjoyable to play at least a couple of times to see how the different choices affect the story. You can play free of charge, but after the end of the game, you’ll have to pay over $10 in order to finish the game. You can also fork out $1 to get rid of advertisements.

Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls has been around for some time but, man is it a fantastic game. It’s either a rogue-like that has ARPG features or an ARPG with Rogue-like elements. Both are equally true, I believe, although I tend to be in the former category. What’s crucial is the fact that Wayward Souls is a wonderful game and a necessity for anyone who enjoys Rogue-likes and/or ARPGs.

You’re trapped in a secluded tower and you’re offered a decision to play the rogue, the mage, or the warrior? The objective is to make it to the exit of each level, but this can be challenging or extremely easy depending on the luck of the draw as well as the level of your expertise. Each level is created procedurally which means that your loot, layout, and even the enemy’s position will change every time.

The game is tough I’m not saying it’s easy but I believe that the challenge is handled effectively. You won’t have to struggle with a shaky touchscreen -actually to the contrary, and the game is able to teach the fundamentals. Thanks to its procedural generator, there won’t be a significant increase in difficulty however, you’ll be fine.

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